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Listening to Bad Idea by Dove Cameron is one GOOD Idea

by Josey Pickering about a month ago in song reviews · updated about a month ago
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she's back with another banger

Dove Cameron had returned with her third single of 2022, and she's delivering yet another delicious & delightful bop. It began with the sultry Boyfriend, followed by the emboldening Breakfast and now she's belting out a Bad Idea. I joke that if she keeps releasing songs with titles that begin with B, she might as well just call her album B-Sides. However, there's nothing B rated about Bad Idea, it's definitely a grade A choice to guide us further into fall. When it comes to astrology Scorpio season is a time for reflection after all. When it comes to relationships - new and old, especially. It's a season of entanglement and sometimes those very entanglements can come with a side order of regret.

Bad Idea could be considered a song about "the one that got away", if the one that got away might have had a handful of red flags to begin with. Maybe they're waving less flags now, or maybe they're shoved in their pocket. Many of us are guilty of falling under the opaque mystery of someone who romanced us in the past all over again, and Dove does an excellent job of helping us recall our favorite sins in human form. That moment where you know there's gonna be regrets but at least in the moment, you're into it...or at least your body is. Your mind can figure it out later. Some people have a charisma about them like a spider's web that you can't help but continue to be trapped in. Dove literally sings about trying to take the high road, but hey, sometimes you gotta cruise on the lower road for a few fleeting moments too. Dove also sings "I guess I didn't bite," and maybe she didn't, but that bad idea faux enigma she sings of sure left their teethmarks on her. Perhaps because they didn't leave a scar, it's okay to give them a little taste again. I've been there and perhaps you have too. Dove will hope you recall your own Bad Idea ex. If you've never had one, Dove will serve it up quite nicely for you on her own silver platter. The last few lyrics honestly make me think of Louis & Lestat from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, "Bottom line, we made it out the first time, still in love and half alive. We didn't die but no guarantees this time." Louis and Lestat's love is FILLED with bad ideas, and as vampires, they're not quite alive and not quite dead. Though they keep nearly destroying one another, they're still each other's favorite sins. You know, despite the numerous attempts to ACTUALLY kill one another. Bad Idea just perfectly sums up that red flag sort of love that not many can escape, not even inhuman vampires.

Musically, Bad Idea is like the best kinda of roller coaster rides. It's a slow take off but that you don't mind because it prepares you for the first drop. You coast through dropping beats and swirling melodies and loop back around to that calm coast you started at. The ride isn't over quite yet though, there's another drop and you're right back in the race of the chorus. When the ride returns to the station, you're ready to go all over again. Personally, I'm ready to go listen to Bad Idea on repeat.

Bad Idea is available to listen to Now! Stream Bad Idea (and other songs I have previously mentioned) by Dove Cameron on your favorite streaming service, including Apple Music, Spotify & Amazon Music.

You can follow Dove Cameron on social media on Instagram, Twitter & Youtube.

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