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Lil Nas X and the Great Purification

by Chris Hearn about a year ago in rap

Are we really going through this again?

Image Lil Nas X/Youtube

So, the popular rapper that the kids all seem to love, Lil Nas X, has gone and pissed off religious fundamentalists and social conservatives with the video for his new song "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)".

As I write this, the video has over 56 million views. I'm betting 55 million of those are from people so outraged by the video that they watched it over and over again to fuel their vitriol and anger.

Now, I looked at the lyrics for the song, and to be honest, I have no clue what he's actually talking about in them. But, that is beside the point, really. I don't have to. Honestly, I don't even know what the heck is going on in the video, which is a very high budget affair.

The imagery seems to be a screw you to Christianity. He seems to be saying he has left the so-called Garden of Eden and headed to Hell...via a stripper pole. The aspect of the video that seems to have set many people off is the part where he does a homoerotic lap dance, grinding on top of Satan. Personally, that's my favorite part, just because it's darn funny.

I'm going to level with you: The video is quite hilarious. It's pretty well done. I laughed while I flashed my devil horns. It was deliciously blasphemous.

Much like the recent hit "Wet Ass Pussy" by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, which is quite the graphic display of raw female sexuality, Right-Wing social conservatives have gone a little crazy about Lil Nas X's artistic expression.

To go along with the song and video, Lil Nas X, who appears to be a marketing wizard, released 666 pairs of Satanic shoes that include a Pentagram and a drop of human blood. They also feature the Nike logo, which appears to have the brand upset and suing the rap/marketer. But that's another story all together. The point is, the guy has put a heck of a lot of thought into his blasphemy!

Sigh. All this outrage against Lil Nas X is yet another example of the desire of some to rid our society of offensive imagery and ideas. It's a puritanical response to art that is designed to question and provoke thought. Lil Nas X has responded to some of the backlash by pointing out that growing up gay was made highly difficult by religious folks and their judgmental nature. So, it would be awfully nice if people would stop being so worked up about it and actually listen to Lil Nas X's legit complaints against Christianity here.

What does the backlash remind me of? Oh, right, the Dr. Seuss affair, the Pepe Le Pew scandal, the Dav Pilkey case, the (Mr.) Potato Head fiasco, the backlash against "Baby, It's Cold Outside", the ex-communication by some of JK Rowling, etc. Yup, all part of a greater push to purify our culture. Moral panic!

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On this matter, I am not seeing the difference between those on the Left who are encouraging and cheering on censorship, and those on the Right who are encouraging and cheering on censorship. Both sides want a society free from nasty, evil stuff, while screaming out, "Won't somebody think of the children!!!!" It's all puritanical with the goal of setting up a utopia where yucky stuff is eliminated.

The funny thing is both sides seem to be laughing at each other...while mirroring each other. "Ha! Can you believe those lefty's are offended by the Mr. in Mr. Potato Head! What morons!" or, "Ha! Can you believe those Right-Wingers are upset about a video of a singer doing a lap dance on Satan! What morons!" Can all of these people not see that they are all acting the same??


So, ya, once again, things have taken a crazy turn as I go to social media to find that people on the Left have been withdrawing their support and "cancelling" Lil Nas X for "Islamophobic" tweets that have once again resurfaced. Apparently he sent them on a now deleted account from when he was 17.

AND, for more added hilarity, it appears that Tom Hanks' son Chet Hanks has released a new line of merchandise that features a font that some are calling racist. Apparently, the Gothic font in question is a little too close to a font used by Hitler, or some such BS. Sigh.

It just seems that everyone is losing it. Are there any sane people left? If you are out there, stand up!


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Chris Hearn

I'm a 47 year old writer, amateur photographer and amateur dad living in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

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