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Labyrinth Voices

by Bramekiz 2 years ago in album reviews
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Ill Melley / Sorrow Beats - Batter Up

I’ve been a fan of Ill Melley for about five years now. I’ve witnessed his growth from a couple of mixtapes to producing for other artists and putting out singles on a consistent level. He has been working with another producer who goes by the name of Sorrow Beats on weekly singles and now a beattape. I’ve been waiting for this event for probably a month or so and now it is finally on different streaming services. Behold, Labyrinth Voices.

(Click Here to hear Labyrinth Voices)

Apollo” has a hardcore bounce to it with what I’m guessing horns as the primary melody. The bass stands out with the fast pace drums. I can see some east coast rapper like Fat Joe making a hit on this. “Batter Up” has a dark tone with a lower octave piano keys, it kind of gives me this inspiration of victory. I can see someone talking about following their dreams through tough times with a chorus that would feel like a motivational speech. Again I can see east coast legends making uplifting harsh reality raps to it like Nas and / or Mobb Deep with a singer on the hook.

Crimes” already has a modern Trap feel to it from the beginning. It has an eerie catchy melody that I can see a crowd grooving to. I feel like everything turns black and white and there is no light when the beat drops as Future, Migos, maybe even Lil Wayne or Drake rock to it with their styles. “Dreamers” has a haunting feel to it. I feel like I’m in a haunted house at the top of the stairs looking below as there is an unknown being waiting. It’s hard to tell who I can hear rapping on this, probably Twisted Insane or Brotha Lynch Hung.

Forgive” has a chill feel compared to the previous two instrumentals. It is quite relaxing as it progresses with the piano added. This one is also difficult who I’d hear rapping to it, probably Denzel Curry for some reason, don’t judge. “In My Section” has a fun creepy vibe. It makes me think of Pennywise from ‘It’, like someone can rap in the perspective of someone like that. I think I would leave that one blank of artists to put on but it would be fun to rap to.

Labyrinth” isn’t playing around. I can see someone getting down on a fun rap flow with this. I really like the flutes pop out midway and the hits bring it attitude. I can hear specific kind of rap voices on it but can’t name it. I think Drake or Jay Z could do some damage on it. I don’t blame you if you don’t agree. It just popped in my head. That was a tough one to place a voice or more. “Maze” starts out with this soothing violin that makes me think of the sea or lighthouse for some reason. As it progresses with the dark piano, I feel like I’m walking in a dark alley looking for trouble or something. It’s like the instruments teleport me to different moods. I think I hear some kind of bells, that part makes me feel like I’m under water for a brief moment. The instrumental as a whole, feels like a comic book of crime and I see Jadakiss on the floor rapping about the struggles. After thinking about the title and listening to it again, I now see Jadakiss rapping in a cornfield about being lost in the world and finding yourself.

Narcostic” has this dark music box kind of melody and fun bounce to it. I can see G-Unit doing a cool track with this mental roller coaster ride. When the melody switches up, I feel like I’m in the head of a mentally troubled person for a brief moment. I like the dark vibe on this one. “Nemesis” feels like a showdown between a vigilante and their opponent with their goons gathering around for the main event. You want to root for hero but you may like the villain as well. I can’t even tell who would have won in my head. Maybe the villains voiced by Three 6 Mafia. It feels like a Batman, Robin and Knightwing vs. Joker, Scarecrow, Clayface, Twoface, Grundy and Croc match.

Numb” has a self-explanatory title, for it makes me imagine waking up from a hangover and going to the store to find supply to get better. I guess I can see a rapper making a song about going through that for this instrumental. I enjoy it as an instrumental for me to just float in that story without words from a voice. “Orpheus” is an epic piece of work I had to listen to again to process. After looking up a brief description of Orpheus’ story, I feel that could be a fun concept to hear on this instrumental as it educates children about him. The instrumental does have this build up and suspense throughout.

Prayer” speaks for it-self as well as it has a church vibe with the dark choir melody. I can see a drug addict struggling and needs some saving for they might feel like evil is following them and they find peace within the church but there’s an evil ghoul watching him from above as he is in charge of the bell like Hunchback of Notre Dame. I could see A$ap Rocky talking about that to this. “Scarred” has really awesome flutes in it with a fun sexy R&B feel to it. I can see people dancing to this, either slow dancing or just having a good time. I think it would need a singer on it for the most part and a rapper in the second verse. “Unleashed” is a nice closing for the Labyrinth Voices project. It has a dark fast pace primary melody with haunting choir as I feel like I’m being chased. Maybe something is coming, that’s why It’s unleashed. Maybe it’s a demon dog or just demon. We don’t know what it is. I hear Busta Rhymes and or Eminem on this piece as they’d bring suspense to the track.

In my closing, I feel Labyrinth Voices was a well put together project that I could listen to over and over and let the instrumentals tell me the stories without words. It would be cool to hear talented emcees telling stories and concepts on the instrumentals but even without, it’s a great piece of work and I look forward to the next project Ill Melley and Sorrow Beats put together. Thank you for reading.

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