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Kxngcardo A Jamaican Upcoming Superstar

by Artist business 3 months ago in feature
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The Jamaican Dancehall Entertainer Was Featured In Multiple Magazines , Commercials And Tv Plays


Kxngcardo, birth name Ricardo Nohar is a Jamaican Dancehall artist, Songwriter , Promoter. Born in Kingston , Jamaica & raised in Cockburn pen. Kxngcardo was locally known for his music talent.

In his earlier years Kxngcardo was able to capture few roles in local plays, on TV a play called ‘‘ring games’’ Kxngcardo is known for doing promotions, commercials, and music.

In 2020, Kxngcardo went to a recording studio. He released his first single “3DREMIX” which took the world by surprised from his explicit lyrics.

In 2021, Kxngcardo released his second single “GRIP“. Even Though the single didn’t become his breakthrough song, Kxngcardo received lots of local and international attention from local artistes, & producers.

In October 2021, after Kxngcardo released “grip”. On the track he showed growth, improvement within his delivery and of course changes of his physical appearance. After getting tremendous feedback, Kxngcardo decided to take his musical career more serious.

May 10, 2022, Kxngcardo started to receive multiple overseas top magazine features such as billboard hiphop , 24hiphop, shoutout Atlanta and etc Even though Kxngcardo haven’t yet found his breakthrough song, I believe kxngcardo is definitely one to look out for on the rise.

Kxngcardo Aim

Kxngcardo's main plan is to leave an impact in the music industry, kxngcardo wishes to make all trend set by him in this category, at this moment he wanted to be more recognizable all over the world and not just only the internet, destined to reach where he wanted to be. kxngcardo had other talents like acting, technology, and many more. but he only chooses the music kxngcardo is a smart, talented wise young man, Kxngcardo wrote stuff about his self on the internet and push is music so he can get some attention as a up coming artists s

His associations

Kxngcardo associated with artists & producers like goaldigga, Inklyne, dovey magnum, 1son.ent, Ireland records, Ria rania, Kim kelly, Voice mortal, Stylysh, Km entertainment.

Kxngcardo seems to be putting in a lot of work since lately

Kxngcardo is pushing his music out there by his self, he's the one who promoted is music to reach the amount of attention that it is gaining right now, he's working with big producers now. he went to professional studio to get his work done official kxngcardo main plan is to leave an impact in the music industry.

Challenges Faced By Kxngcardo During His Journey

Although his mother and his family were there to encourage him, you should never listen when someone says certain things about his songs or his profession as a musician. While he is working in the business, some individuals are happy to see him succeed in his career, while others are just envious of his potential but can’t let him fail. It’s not as simple as it seems to be a creative person. You need to be willing and determined to push hard, particularly when putting out your material, since if he doesn’t promote or work hard, he will fail, and failing is a no-no. It would be best if you were willing and determined to push hard.

rewarding aspect of being an artist

The most rewarding aspect of being an artist is that he gain more fans worldwide, having them to listen and reach out to his music concept. They also keep him motivated to continue putting out his best and to give them great music.

Additional work

Kxngcardo Music Group is where he helps other up-and-coming musicians go further in their careers as musicians. They are superior, in addition to being distinct. They do this by uploading other people’s music to the prominent platforms they have available. This service is completely free.


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