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by Ace about a year ago in art
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A true creator & artist, hip hop music producer/beat maker Knxwledge. How & why his art is meaningful to me.

Knxwledge’s album “1988” album cover.

“Creativity is certainly what distinguishes us from every other creature. Human beings are, by virtue of their intelligence, capable of creating things that are novel, unique, sometimes of great worth, and even, though rarely, of overwhelming value. One thinks, for example, of scientific theories or great works of art or literature, or profound philosophical treatises like Spinoza’s Ethics, or the great and lasting music that emerges from the creative genius of one person. It is here, certainly, that we see what distinguishes us from all other living things and entitles us to think of ourselves as akin to the gods.” - Richard Taylor [Restoring Pride]

We’re all on the path of the pursuit of excellence, all of us artists that is, bestowed with a creative mind... Can be a blessing or a curse depending on the individuals subjectivity. Nonetheless, the human experience can very much appear quite strange, analyzing why things are the way they are, why things happen in the nature they do. But living for that experience, purely, is worth valuing.

I learned the creator I am highlighting for everyone reading, during this current month, the month of march, on the day I happen to be writing this, 2 weeks before my birthday, also on international women’s day, is his birthday as well. That was something that made me think and was interesting, maybe a bit special.

Art... Art comes in many different forms, I believe anything one creates could be art. There are really no bounds or limits, or rules when it comes to creative expression, except maybe the capability of the human mind itself. But, let me briefly explore my thoughts with you on the particular form of art I want to focus on here, one that may very well be universal, music. What makes music specifically compelling? It’s absolutely incredible if you think for a moment about all music really is, sounds arranged in a specific structure producing audio that through your sense of hearing end up evoking potent emotion in you or any individual. That obvious idea alone is just spectacular to me truly, and through your interaction with it, the sensation it creates literally reverberates through your entire body, completely hijacks your emotions in a way nothing else truly does.

Allow me to tell you about a musician, artist, creator, whose work is, to my heart, excellent.

He goes by Knxwledge, pronounced knowledge, or Knx for short. Born in New Jersey, currently based in Los Angeles. Knxwledge is a Jamaican-American, Grammy award winning hip hop and R&B music producer. He’s produced for the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, and Action Bronson just to name a few.

But let me just describe who I know him as for everyone, I want to specifically showcase why he’s a true creator. Unsure of this fact but I’m willing to state, he has one of the largest catalogs of any established hip hop producer. His love and dedication is evident in his persistence and creations themselves.

“I make beats all day, or I’ll record acapellas all day, or record records all day."

“I get bummed if I can’t make music, my creative process is kinda like my heart—it never lets up. It’s kinda hard to go to bed.” - Knxwledge

Knxwledge creates 100% original pieces as well as remixes, but if you’re not familiar, not just your average remixes of other songs, he’ll sometimes take any vocals from any recording and turn it into a song, as long as there is any semblance of a melody, if he likes it, he’ll make art out of it. He adds imagery, videos to go along with his pieces adding another layer of beauty through his creative expression that he creates and uploads to his YouTube channel. A lot of nostalgia also. In addition he live streams on Twitch, giving people an insight into his process and possibly unbeknownst to him, amassing a community hitherto no other. Love and positivity radiates every square inch within the community environment all for and because of the craft. He treats his supporters as family and there’s a grace that shows for it. His personality is a testament to my view of him, honest, sincere, immensely humble, and real. I only know and see him as a genius, creative artist and nothing less. This is what makes Knxwledge special in my eyes.

The experience I get whilst interacting with his music, well, I will try my utter best to describe it. Listening is a time of pure emotion, immersing me, some pieces have a rhythm and bounce that resonates throughout my body restraining me from doing anything else but focus on the sound and sensation. With sensations in mind, groovy, on ultimate levels, and nearly indescribable but genuinely if you could feel it as if it was tangible, music with soul. His choice and style in vocals and recording artists whose lyrics manage to be comforting and or sympathetic while expressing the struggles of life or being highly witty, whatever it is that makes the lyrical content able to resonate so strongly with me. Pieces that seem to suck emotion right out of me as I listen to them, that fill me with feelings, swelling feelings of hope, beauty, empathy, happiness, and bliss. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like or haven’t wondered what it feels like to hear music that touches your heart and brings value to your life, it’s a profound feeling of passion and that’s exactly what Knxwledge’s creations do for me.

Art and creative expression is what makes living magnificent. Great artists can be anyone, come from anywhere, any culture, background, ethnicity, race, gender, any shape & size, any category society wants to put you in... But, they can sometimes go unnoticed, or noticed by few, not appreciated on the level that they deserve. Knxwledge is a black creator who’s art routinely touches me deep in my core, bringing me comfort, joy, and pleasure, really helping me through life. Music is a special thing, thank you Knxwledge, thank you music, thank you art, and to all the artists... Keep pursuing excellence.


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-- 3 words that encompass my entire being.

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