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Kevi Morse Debuts New Single "Chasing"

by Meikhel 3 months ago in song reviews
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"Chasing" is an inspirational Hip-Hop anthem.


Kevi Morse ends the month just how he began it with a new single, "Chasing." Building on the success of "Last Year," Kevi Morse keeps his foot on the gas with "Chasing." "Chasing" is a powerful song with hard-hitting, deep lyrics to boot.

"Chasing" is a mental health and motivational anthem. The track serves as a reminder to chase your purpose through whatever life throws at you. "In the midst of this lifetime, we fall victim to addictions or life’s curveballs that derail us from reaching who we were called to be." Kevi Morse continues, "Mental stability is key, and I want this song to be a voice for those who need the reminder."

"Chasing" is the epitome of Hip-Hop/Rap music with a message. The impactful track was created by Kevi Morse for mental health organization RemedyLIVE. The song is meant to aid in breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and make a profound impact on the hearts of listeners. "Chasing," produced by BCOE, has already been well-received as it will be featured in a Netflix show. Go ahead and add "Chasing" to your daily rotation, and chase that natural high.

About "Chasing"

What inspired “Chasing?”

What inspired the song, "Chasing" was recognizing how we as people chase everything around us and forget to chase who we were called to be. Some of us struggle with addictions, doubt, lack of self-worth - you name it. This stuff weighs on our mental and forces us to be mentally unstable. I made this song to remind the listener that you have value and no matter how far you go or stray from knowing that it’s never to late to chase your purpose.

What is “Chasing” about in your own words?

The definition of chase is pursue in order to catch or catch up with. We pursue things that hold no long-term value and find ourselves off course.

What message do you hope fans take away from your music and from “Chasing?”

I hope people understand that they have value, and that it’s okay to mess up in life 'cause we all do. But, get back on track and never stop believing that you were put here on earth for a reason.

What is your favorite lyric in “Chasing” and why?

My favorite lyric in the song is “generational curses, I want to reverse it, hoping I don’t drown stepping out on the surface.” That line means so much to me because I truly want to break generational curses. I want to rewrite my storyline and show others that you can cvltivate who you want to be and not fall victim to the people's, that were before you, mistakes.

Have you performed “Chasing” yet?

I’ve performed "Chasing" for four months before releasing it on June 30th. The response has been amazing. People are encouraged. To shine a little bit more light on "Chasing," the song will be in a movie.

About Kevi Morse

Kevi Morse is an Evansville, Indiana native, but is now based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a full-time touring artist that encourages people to live out their full potential and trust the process. Kevi Morse has been featured in various media outlets such as Rapzilla, BroadwayWorld, The Hype Magazine, and HipHopSince1987. His messages carry a lot of reality and faith-based undertones. Kevi Morse's mission is to see everyone come together, better together, and "cvltivate the cvlture." Kevi Morse's national tour spans tons of cities and constitutes of more than fifty shows a year. Kevi Morse is on a mission to empower a nation.

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