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Juewett Bostick: Musician with a Difference

by mysoundMusic 3 years ago in feature
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Another one for the playlist

Ever heard of technologically advanced music?

Sounds very weird and unreal, right?

But Juewett Bostick has made it all possible!

This Jazz artist loves creating music that astonishes people with its uniqueness. His modern approach towards producing melodies that are beautifully synchronized with the lyrics is what makes his work beyond excellence.

His association with Jazz and R&B veterans including Norman Connors, Grover Washington Jr., Bobby Brown, Barry White, Gary Bartz, The Temptations, etc. helped the guy grow professionally. These amazing artists provided him with a platform and an opportunity to showcase his work, put forward his vision, and improve his skills.

Juewett is a natural artist with music pieces that are flawless. Not only is his work clean of any errors and flaws, but is beautifully integrated with technology, making it all seem effortless and pleasant.

• The Contemporary Jazz Star

When the world was indulged into R&B, Neo Soul and Soul Jazz, Juewett was trying his best to change the notion of how music was created. And soon enough with his hard work and determination, this guy was able to show the world that technology and music blended in well together, producing melodies and pieces that were beyond brilliance.

A technologist, writer, producer, and guitarist, Juewett holds expertise in multiple departments, making him able to do develop albums and music that will shake everyone to the core. His music is soulful, filled with beauty and close to nature. Although, he firmly follows the basics of Jazz, his incorporation of technology has always lead him to produce musical items that are out of this world.

From lyrics to the notes, every production by this artist is worth appreciation. His motivation and vision gave world a chance to look at music with a different perspective. When the world gets to enjoy technology in every field of life, why should music be left out behind?

Juewett’s work is original and ideas are spectacular. Integrating two completely different things (music and technology) is definitely not easy, yet he makes it all seem effortless and easy. He works like a superhuman, a dedicated artist who loves creating items that are flawless, clean, and perfect in every sense. From the beats to the words, Juewett does not leave any stone unturned and his dedication is what allows him to excel in his field.

• The Shades Of Blu

And when the world was just getting to know what beauty this guy creates, Juewett recently launched his new album by the name of Shades of Blu; a work of art come together with great skill, hard work, and determination.

His passion for music and technology has allowed him to come this far, doing things unimaginable by the common minds. In every sense of it, Juewett Bostick is a musical magician, who knows how to capture the attention of the audience and enchant them with its spell.

Although for many technology and music still doesn’t go together, when watching or listening to Juewett’s work, it all seems possible!

Read the Reviews...

Juewett Bostick is an amazingly talented musician with a new single “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” from the epic jazz infused album–Shades Of Blu, with everything from soul and blues to hard rock inflections. The amount of organic musical flow comes in bucket loads where everyone involved is concerned, it’s a free for all on the senses on every- last note of what’s to be heard. And even though one song can do the business, you’ll want to hear more after checking out the soothing “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” number with its enormously satisfying groove. This is a band of musicians that cover the last five decades with pure respect.—

Be sure to check out more of Juewett's music at mySound Music


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