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Journey Into K-Pop

by Lizzy Bergsman 12 months ago in pop culture

My thoughts, bare with me..



Recently, a friend I’ve grown up with since middle school, specifically 7th grade, had me listen to the music genre. Growing up her and I shared music all the time being it was a big part of our lives. She liked the same music as I and when she adapted to something else, she’d share it with me. I’d give the artist a listen and then I’d tell her if I liked it or not. Nine times out of ten I would like it.

As I started to say in the introduction here, she recently got me to check out K-pop. At first, I hesitated in my head before answering her text that she got into it from a girl we both were friends with back then also. I thought about what I already knew about this genre. Mind you, I’m very open to most music and I have a wide variety of stuff I listen to. I don’t discriminate before listening, but I give it a chance and then say my honest thoughts.

So, keeping this thought process in mind I agreed to listening. K-pop has been around for a while. I started hearing about it with a group called BTS. I heard about them in middle school. All I knew at that time was it got a bad rep because of the “psycho fans”, but let’s be real, every group has those that ruin it for the supportive and loving fans. Getting past that I ended falling deeper into the genre without realizing it and honestly, I’m not complaining about it in the slightest bit. Granted, I was not expecting to like it so much, but I kept my mind open, especially for my friend because I always did for her.

It started with Ateez. Eight members and a massive amount of talent. I’m talking performance, visuals, vocals, dancing, personality, humbleness, care and love for the fans, EVERYTHING. They have it all. After checking them out and falling in love I saw why they debuted with no problem and got so much love right away from everyone because they put their all into their work. Next came Stray Kids for me. They’re different cause they have more rappers than vocals. They’re super cute and they’re funny. Two members are Australian also, so that’s something unique, I think. Then finally and currently, is BTS. The same one I mentioned earlier that I heard of in middle school but never paid attention to till now. I regret it. They are absolute angels. They work so hard for themselves, they’re family, and their fans and they deserve the spot they’re at now in their life.

BTS have been around since 2013, which is when they debuted, so they’ve been together and making music and fans happy for 7 years. Today my friend sent me a video (because of course we have to keep each other up to date on videos we may have not seen before) and it was of them at the 2018 MAMA music awards and showed the full speech for them receiving the award for best artist of the year. It was very emotional for me to see because the members broke down crying after the member, Jin, said they had a hardship at the beginning of the year and thought about disbanding BTS, but they got in a better mindset and they pushed through for them as a family and their fans.

Concluding thought? I don’t regret becoming an Atiny (Ateez), and an army (BTS). If you’re an open-minded person and don’t mind expanding your music taste to a Korean culture, give it a chance. You have nothing to lose. Music is a feeling, a mindset, and a sanity for most people. Negativity and narrow mindedness should not be involved in it, because for most people like myself it’s a lifeline.

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Lizzy Bergsman

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Lizzy Bergsman
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