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Joe Bonsall Tragically Passes Away at 76

The Oak Ridge Boys Singer Passes Away

By Total Apex Entertainment & SportsPublished 15 days ago 3 min read
Joe Bonsall Tragically Passes Away at 76
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Joe Bonsall (born Joseph S. Bonsall Jr.), born and raised in Philadelphia and a longtime member of the legendary band The Oak Ridge Boys, sadly passed away this Tuesday. The 2015 Hall of Famer may be gone but he left behind a legacy that lives through his music that won’t make him forgotten. Bonsall retired from touring months before his death due to his debilitating illness which led to his sorrowful passing.

The Oak Ridge Boys’ Joe Bonsall’s Cause of Death

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was what led to Joe Bonsall’s death. It is a nervous system disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, which leads to loss of muscle control. No cause has been known for this fatal disease and, unfortunately, it has no cure. It eventually leads to loss of control of the muscles needed to move, speak, eat and breathe. The Oak Ridge Boys singer requested not to have a funeral, instead, he wants everyone to donate to the ALS Association or the Vanderbilt Medical Center ALS and Neuroscience Research Center. In 2022, Bonsall previously nearly died from pulmonary embolisms but it was sadly ALS that got him this year.

The Oak Ridge Boys’ Joe Bonsall’s Legacy

Bonsall joined the band in 1973 and has been with them for over five decades. The band, including Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden and Richard Sterban, won five Grammy Awards. Furthermore, the country superstar is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Additionally, he was also inducted into the Philadelphia Music Hall of Fame back in 1994. The group got famous for their 1981 smash Elvira which hit No. 1 on the country chart and reached No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Overall, the country band had 17 No. 1 country songs and landed 34 in country’s top 10.

Bonsall was able to participate in the initial dates of the “American Made: Farewell Tour,” in September of 2023. However, he retired from touring on January 3rd of this year from touring as he has come to a point that walking is impossible. Singer Ben James covered for the country star in the farewell tour as they proceeded without him. Bonsall has also written 11 books, including a memoir that will be published this November titled, “I See Myself.”

In Loving Memory of Joe Bonsall

Bonsall has suffered a lot due to his debilitating disease but he never forgot to express gratitude to his fans, saying, “I will never forget and for those of you who have been constantly holding me up in prayer I thank you and ask for you to keep on praying.” In addition to this, Bonsall’s reps issued a death notice stating:

“Joe loved to sing. He loved to read. He loved to write. He loved to play banjo. He loved working on the farm. And he loved the Philadelphia Phillies. But Jesus and his family always came first—and we will see him again on the Promised Day.”

He may be gone but his memory lives on through his wife, Mary Ann, daughters Jennifer and Sabrina, granddaughter Breanne, grandson Luke, two great-grandsons, Chance and Grey, and his sister, Nancy. His mantra has always been “LET’S SING,” which people can do on his behalf now. Gone but never forgotten.

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