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Jimi Hendrix Lost the Original Mix Tape to One of His Albums

Yes, Hendrix lost a whole side of one of his most admire albums in the back of a taxi cab. The original sound of that album is lost forever.

By Bazooka TeachesPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Yes, Jimi Hendrix lost the original studio mixtape that was going to be used for one of his albums. The album was the second one that he recorded in London with his band The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Hendrix lost the tape inside a cab after a long day of work at the studio. Fortunately for the band, it was only the first side of the album, but it was lost.

After re-mixing and salvaging one song from a tape deck, The Jimi Hendrix Experience released Axis: Bold as Love. However, the original version of Side A of that album is completely lost in time. Only the band and producer Chas Chandler know what that sounded like. Anything could have happened to that studio mixtape! If you ask me, that would be a good treasure to hunt for time travelers once time travel becomes possible!

Jimi Was a Hard Working Man

According to producer Chas Chandler and fellow musicians, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, Hendrix was a perfectionist. The guitarist demanded constant retakes of songs and sometimes pushed for more creativity. At times, bandmates would argue with him about their creativeness and how it was being taken away from them with Jimi’s demands.

Drummer Mitch Mitchell stated that most of the arguing was done between Hendrix and Chandler. Still, the legendary guitarist wanted everything done perfectly. It is also said that the band was somewhat rushed to record Axis: Bold as Love to fulfill their contract with the record company. According to the contract, two albums needed to be done at a certain time frame. Their first album Are You Experienced? was a complete success, so the second one had to kick ass.

The fact that the second album was seen as a fulfillment that was demanded by a record company made the creative side of things rushed a bit. Still, Chandler has stated that the original studio mixtape was some good work and kicked ass. Who knows why Hendrix decided to take that mixtape with him? It ended up in the back of a London taxi cab. Sucks!

Album Release was Still Punctual

The album Axis: Bold as Love was still released on schedule. It was almost delayed, but the band and Chandler decided to remix the tracks again for Side A. One song, “If Six Was Nine”, was not coming along, but it was salvaged by bassist Noel Redding. The bass player had a tape recording of this song and the rest was taken care of by the engineering and producer.

Of course, Jimi added new tracks to the song “If Six Was Nine”. So, in a sense, that particular song had a whole different sound to what the original sounded like. The rest who knows what the outcome was. Still, to get a hand on that original studio mixtape that was lost in the back of that cab would be absolutely grand. In the end, the album was finished and released on time.

The Success of the Album

Axis: Bold As Love hit the charts and remained there for sixteen weeks. In England, it peaked at number five, while in the US, it charted at number three. It was quite a success for a follow up of the first album that made the band a huge sensation in England.

Critics received the album with good appraisals and typing it as a good mix that included hard rock, rhythm and blues, and jazz. Most music magazines in the late 60s gave the album four to five stars in their reviews. It was accepted very well by the media and most of all the public.

Despite the album being a jewel of the 1960s, it certainly was not the original intended for the masses. The original Side A of that album is missing and who knows where it is. So, for anyone that reads this article in the future when time travel is possible, you know what to do if you want to get a hold of something sublime. This will be true because Jimi Hendrix will forever be a master guitarist and musician throughout the ages.


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