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january '22 playlist

by Beca Damico 8 months ago in list
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my tunes for the first month of the year

Here it is, the very first playlist of 2022! I don’t have much to say about the new year yet, other than, it’s incredibly freezing. January is always a weird transition month, does anybody else feel that way? I was so worried about starting my second semester in college, and making sure I read all the syllabi and knew where my classes were. As a consequence, this playlist was shorter than normal. However, it’s a great playlist in my opinion, so here goes:

1. Bite Me by Avril Lavigne → During my time at home with my parents for winter break, my dad and I began talking about Travis Barker and his time with Blink-182. As we were watching their old music videos, the video for this song with Avril Lavigne because Travis is in it, so we listened and now I’m hooked on this song. It’s a great angry girl song, which you all know I love.

2. DROWN by Jack Kays & Travis Barker → Another Travis feature. This whole album is amazing, I can’t believe that I got to see Jack Kays live in September. I’m excited to see where his music career takes him.

3. MESS U MADE by MICHELLE → THIS SONG IS INCREDIBLE. This is definitely my favorite song of the month, and I would not be surprised if it shows up in my Spotify Wrapped. It’s incredibly catchy (in a non annoying way), the lyrics are genius, if you only listen to one song from this playlist, make it this one.

4. SYNCOPATE by MICHELLE → Yet another song from this great group. Their songs sounds so pretty and inviting, and every word and lyric expresses so many emotions.

5. This Ain’t Love by Giveon → This man’s voice reminds me of a soft cashmere sweater.

6. Gasoline by The Weeknd → This entire album was an experience, I strongly recommend you listen to the whole thing from start to finish. But if I had to choose one song to be my favorite, it’s this one.

7. How Do I Make You Love Me by The Weeknd → Classic The Weeknd vibe but if he was making music in the 80s… which I love.

8. Here We Go…Again (feat. Tyler The Creator) → The collab we never knew we needed.

9. Why by Dominic Fike → Dominic is a king, I love this album and this song had to be featured this month because I listened to it nonstop. His music is so specific and perfect.

10. drunk text me by Lexi Jayde → This is more of a sad girl song of the month rather than angry girl song nonetheless, it’s incredible. Lexi has a great voice, and this song encapsulates a feeling we’ve all felt before.

11. LAst dAy oN EaRTh by Tai Verdes → THESE VIBES, wow. This song makes me want to skip on the street of New York City.

12. plz don’t waste my youth by Au/Ra → I genuinely don’t know how I found this song but it’s SO GOOD. “I wanna drink pure adrenaline” is an impeccable lyric.

13. KEEP IT UP by Rex Orange County → I’ve been waiting for new Rex music for way too long and we got a single AND an album release date, I am beyond ecstatic. This song reminded me of why I love Rex so much. The album is going to be incredible, I know it. Perfect way to launch us into February.


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Beca Damico

hi :) my name is beca and im a freshman at nyu! i love writing more than anything. in my opinion writing is the best form of self expression. here i will get to share what i am passionate about, i hope you enjoy.

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