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J.R. Price Lives the “Daydream”

The Out Bear Singer Releases His Daydream EP, including Its Title Track and Music Video

By Ben NelsonPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

J.R. Price is out now with his new Daydream EP, featuring its title track: a sparkly, joyful, Top40 pop song about finding one’s home in the world. “I want everyone to feel they have a place where they can thrive,” says the artist. “Whether it be a sports team, a church, a bar, with family or a group of friends … everyone needs that place of comfort that makes life feel like a daydream.”

JRP says he found his place within the LGBTQ community, specifically its bear community. “I found a brotherhood where I could be myself and where being me was encouraged. I had never experienced that before. I was always told to hide parts of me from the world, but when I found my people, I could live full rainbow!”

He calls his “Daydream” single a fun song with a message of true equality. “It’s perfect for clubbing, kissing, touching and rubbing!”

The song’s video reflects its inclusivity message. Directed by Rebecca Frazier, it features people of all colors, shapes, beliefs, genders, and sexualities. “I wanted to show how a diverse group of people can all come together without hate or judgement, because we are here on earth together, and we are all beauty queens!”

Photo by Dave Dietz

JRP admits he had a difficult childhood. “Growing up poor, with no friends and a family who didn’t love me enough, left me feeling unworthy of love,” he reflects. “I was gay, overweight, and never felt like I was the prettiest…”

In the Daydream album, he explores many of his biggest challenges. “Body Positive” spotlights his road to self-love. “Dance with Me” ruminates on his desire for true romance. “Get Back Up” reflects on his focus towards optimal health and in “N.A.U.G.H.T.Y”, JRP recounts his first time going to gay clubs, when he went through his promiscuous phase.

“As I get older, my dreams have changed,” he acknowledges. “It’s not about the size of my audience, it is the impact that I make that counts.”

He has been moved by all the people relating the lyrics in the songs to their own lives. To help them dive even deeper into his soul ocean, JRP is releasing lyric videos for every song on the album. “Listeners better bring a snorkel and a magnifying glass,” he laughs.

“Life is difficult for everyone,” he continues. “I’ve had struggles, but I don’t let them affect how I feel about myself. I find that if you love yourself through life’s setbacks, not only in spite of them but because of them, daydreams eventually become reality. We are as strong as we train ourselves to be.”

Photo by Dave Dietz

J.R. Price’s “Daydream” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms. Physical copies and cute JRP merch are also available on his website. Follow J.R. Price on Instagram and Facebook.


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