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ISABELL SLIM— Things About Isabell Slim You Should Know

by Jason James 2 years ago in celebrities
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Isabell Slim

Over the years, Hip-Hop has changed the world and culture with trending sounds and tons of sub-genres. With millions of new artists appearing on the scene, one emerging artist from Louisiana is set to change the wave of Hip-Hop, and he goes by the name of “Isabell Slim”.

In 2019, Isabell Slim dropped two hit singles “Get Money” & “Isabell Life”. These two singles had a major impact on his career, and with good production, the two projects stood out. The artist has been building his fan base all over social media and plans on dropping new exclusive music this summer in 2020.

Fast forward to 2020, Isabell Slim gives his fans a new visual called, “Is That Him”. Throughout the visual, he sticks to his formula of gutter rap, goals, obstacles, females, and life. This has to be the best release from the Louisiana rapper since “Get Money” & “Isabell Life.” The new visual sets up his highly anticipated album, “Isabell Stories EP”, set to release in 2020, on his label. To keep up with new music from Isabell Slim and news follow him on Instagram.

After Getting Over 30K Views On Youtube On His Previous Video, “Isabell Life” Buzzing Louisiana Artist “Isabell Slim” Drops A New Visual To Another One Of His Hit Singles “Is That Him” That Already Has Over 30K Streams On Spotify. In The Video Slim Can Seen Hanging Poolside With His Peers. The Catchy Single Has a Bounce To It That Will Definitely Get You Out Your Seat. Make Sure You Go Stream “Is That Him” on All Platforms Now!

Music is a beautiful form of expression. It is that form of art that evolves continuously. Everyone has some form of passion towards music within them, either in the form of a desire to learn or listening for relaxation. To me music is life, and I have a strong desire to learn music in the future.

Music is an instant mood lifter. It touches the soul and helps you connect with people. It heals one’s mind. Music takes care of mental needs. It helps in overcoming disabilities of any form.

There are many genres of music like classical, blues, rock, jazz, folk, etc. Every culture has its own music. The classical music in Indian culture is Carnatic and Hindustani. Whatever be the genre, it is all equally soothing.

Isabell Slim Skills

*Operate Printing Machine.

*Prepare Machine For Printing.

*Run Several Presses With Different Size And Color Capacities.

*Install Printing Plate With The Images To Be Printed.

*Perform Preventive Maintenance.

*Search For And Correct Problems

Oversee All Front And Back Of The House Restaurant Operations

Ensure Customer Sat faction Through Promoting Great Service

Respond To Customer Complaints Tactfully And Professionally

Maintain Quality Control For All Food Served

Train New Employees And Provide Ongoing Training For All Staff

Ability To Read Blueprints, Schematics And Manuals

Knowledge Of Production Procedures

Analytical Skills

Handle Heavy Equipment

Work Independently


*Carry Out Varieties Of Duties Related To Customer Service.

*Adapt To New Working Environment And Condition

*Be Aware Of All Safety- Related Rules And Regulations Of Walmart

*Relocate All Merchandize Unloaded And Sorted To Their Respective Departments In The Outlet

*Give Full Focus To Customer Satisfaction

*Serving Guests In A Timely Manner

*Cleaning Trays From Guests Cars

*Making Accurate Change And Efficiently For Restaurant Guests

*Carrying And Balancing A Tray Weighing Up To 25 Pounds

Music is the complete package for improving our soul and mind equally. This is the reason why a long drive with slow and melodious music can change one’s mood to a happy and merry going one. It has the God gifted power to erase all the negative thoughts from our mind and to make it more positive and happy. This indeed improves our concentration and works to enhance our overall skills.


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Jason James

Jason James is an American journalist Andrew writer from Miami, Florida that specializes in covering the entertainment industry.

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