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Iron Man 3 (2013)

Movie Review

By Zuvin MaharzanPublished 6 months ago 6 min read
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Robert Downey Jr. is back smashing walls and tearing apart like billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, now out of the closet like Iron Man living a dream in his future tech hideout and living with the lovely Pepper Potts - superb Gwyneth Paltrose, relaxed performance. which made me wish she spent more time filming films and less on her nutrition website. As is often the case in modern superhero stories, Stark's confrontation with evil triangles becomes a matter of two different villains. It's fun and intense encounters with local dorks, the whimsical camaraderie between Stark and his War Machine rival James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), the constant romantic tension with Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow), and the climax that is an epic dish. part of action-packed fantasy engineering.

Iron Man 3 has an extraordinary number of witty lines: from the sophisticated fanatic Pierce, turned into an ingenious cocktail, to Colonel Rhodes in the fun and enthusiastic manner of Don Cheadles, always put off when he cannot fly past Stark. ... The talented comedian Adam Pally has a vivid role as a Stark fan in a TV van. It's the kind of inspirational folly that a film like this needs, and it also allows Downey to showcase just how brilliantly straightforward he can be: he uses his superstar feeling to bring about a slow, impatient burning. Downey Jr., on the other hand, is always funny as Tony Stark / Iron Man, especially in his 1999 flashback, when he reveals his most selfish and smug playboy genius.

Long retired from the cinema, Black, who impressed the opening script for Lethal Weapon, takes this mission very seriously and not at all seriously, which is perfectly in line with the lighthearted determination Downey has always brought in the role. Tony Stark. The inclusion of a little boy verbally juggling with Stark is refreshing, alongside Kingsley's peerless role, but much of the action still consists of bright colors, loud explosions, and monotonous, dramatic destruction, as if director Shane Black took some instant distraction techniques from Roland. Emmerich. At the very least, Stark's cynical, opinionated, and selfish delusions are more hilarious than repetitive annoying ones. This dizzying, double-edged approach extends to many other characters later on.

Marvel superhero movies have always been a little silly, even if brutal, so the same thing happens here. This is the kind of movie in which the hero can swear revenge on the villain for hurting his friend, and after a few scenes, there is a lot of laughter at the sight of Tony Stark in the signs of Iron Man descending narrow stone steps. drunk in heels with nosebleeds. So again, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man or Robert Downey Jr., jokes and poses, puts on a superhero costume, and flirts with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). After a tantalizing prologue in which Tony spends New Years' Eve 1999 in Switzerland pleasantly paired with adorable Maya (Rebecca Hall), ignoring the professional pleas of odd fellow scientist Aldrich Killian (semi-transvestite Guy Pearce), today finds that Rich Man, the savior of the world in zoom mode in the bowels of his Malibu mansion, fidgeting with upgrades to his Iron Man outfit, while sweetheart Pepper Potts hosts a show at Stark Industries.

Prone to panic attacks and inability to sleep, Tony could not even be haunted by a series of explosions around the world and serious threats from terrorists such as Bin Laden and Manman (Ben Kingsley), the latter being one of the early villains Variants. In the comics of Iron Man, he insidiously captured the world's TV channels and the Internet. After Tony challenged him to fight with him, Tony discovered that his mansion was destroyed, Tony is trapped in a small town, the true identity of the Mandarin is revealed, and the man who controlled him Aldrich Killian ( Pierce), Tony once refused to cooperate with him. Walking around these days, Tony is still recovering from the alien invasion of New York (during the Avengers) and has panic attacks, so he built several Iron Man suits to make his life easier, but this also caused friction between him and his girlfriend Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow). Killian was locked in a suit of Iron Man to self-destruct, but it couldn’t kill him, but Pepper intervened with his new power. He was killed. To prove his loyalty to her, Tony ordered Javie to destroy all the armor. , The fragment stuck in his heart was removed during the operation, and he threw his outdated chest arc reactor out of the ship, but he pointed out that it would always be Iron Man.

The film is directed by Sean Black, co-written with Drew Pierce, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Chandel, Guy Pierce, Rebecca Hall, Stephanie Shostak, James Buggy Dale, and John. Fei Ru and Ben Kingsley. Although most of the film's content is focused on a separate Stark investigative story, Iron Man 3 did not shy away from its anticipated summer hit. Iron Man 3 is the darkest in the Iron Man movie, and it seems to be the last one in the series (although the expected box office may include the media pushing Robert Downey Jr. to return to issue 4).

So, on this spectrum, Iron Man 3 is better this summer: he has one of Iron Man's most influential villains, he has a good dynamic between Iron Man and his various accomplices, and he spends a lot of time exploring the emotional turmoil in life. Tony Stark. I can only add that it's even more impressive in 3-D, that it's funny to see the Iron Man suit on Gwynnie Paltrose Pepper Potts and her panicked blonde head in inserts, as well as that shot where the camera seems to plummet towards Stark. the side and crumbling remains of his bombed-out mansion were probably not worth the money (which could have been spent on feeding and educating many poor children), but since they've already been paid, this is a three-story Wowza with cheese. The level of play that was once considered negligible in superhero movies is top notch and no one seems to be mailing it in. Part of the appeal of the first Iron Man (2008) stems from the inspirational casting of Robert Downey Jr., who brought a lot of mischievous charisma and lightheartedness to the role of defender-turned-iron superhero Tony Stark.

It was especially interesting to see Downey become Iron Man, rocking and swaying in his spacesuit like an aspiring surfer trying to ride a wave. Alas, you can only do the origin story once, and some of the magic has already disappeared from 2010 Iron Man 2, in which our hero fought a Russian heavyweight (Mickey Rourke) in a standard vengeance narrative, but still, they found a lot It's time for Stark and romantic actress Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) to make their Tracy-Hepburn routine very bearable. One cannot help but think that in 2005, Jon Favreau and Marvel watched the Black movie and decided that Downey Jr.'s extremely arrogant yet lovable character was perfect for billionaire playboy Tony Stark.

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