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initial (chaotic) reactions to folklore

by icedcloudlatte 2 years ago in album reviews
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the effervescent parts of taylor's new album

initial (chaotic) reactions to folklore
Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

Taylor Swift really said "you guys hate my lead singles? how about none"


it's so bluesy and jazzy. i like the expired thrill line.

she's clinging to the piano like how music saved her in the past

the 1


"never leaving well enough alone" so many callbacks

"the greatest loves of all time are over now" 😭

it's so wistful

the last great american dynasty

huh where is she going with this

speak now vibes with the wedding


"It must have been her fault his heart gave out" why does this give me "blaming women for a man's inability to keep his shit together is a very major problem" vibes


the last time vibes

"second, third and hundredth chances / balancing on breaking branches" 😭

her voice has improved so much

a lot of heavy, piano-driven songs

my tears ricochet

very orchestral

"didn't have it in myself to go with grace / you're the hero flying around saving face" relatable

love how she delivers "cursing my name / wishing i stayed"

"we got the stones / not knowing what they mean / some to throw / some to make a diamond ring" great allusion to how people either get married or break up

~2:40 is when the beat kicks in, beautiful

"screaming at the sky" voice break gives me "looks up grinning like the devil" vibes

love the ending, very angelic

"drunk on this pain / crossing out the good years" very normal feels for post-break up. i don't think people think nostalgic, good thoughts until time has passed

i think this song hits the hardest


disco ball lyric video background!

the entire song is like i tried too hard, shined so hard for you, it worked then it didn't and i regret it because i wasn't authentic

reminds me of a glittery climax before a crash ending

"all i do is try, try, try" oof. nothing is effortless for her


very lilting


wistful nostalgia


"cancelled my plans in case you call" - relatable

this is me trying

the rock vibes i was hoping for, love the beat build up

"i got wasted like my potential" jfc

"words shoot to kill when i'm mad"

"i have a lot of regrets about that" - i love how matter of factly she delivers this

the implicit message: "this is me trying ... i'm sorry i didn't before ... this is me trying ... unlike you"

illicit affairs

love the calming rain visual in the lyric video

wow that production

"for you / i would ruin myself"

invisible string

so bouncy, very sweet

really captures how hard it can be to be single in the moment and feel like all your relationships ending were your fault and there must be something wrong with you and then looking back when you're in a relationship and being happy that you made all the decisions you did

bad blood shoutout

"wool to brave the seasons" nice tie-in with cardigan

"axe to grind for the boys who broke my heart / now i send their babies presents" joe jonas reference??

could definitely see an ocean of people waving lights to this song in concert

mad woman

taylor really said FUCK

"women like hunting witches too" nice tie-in with IDSB

seems more about scott/scooter than kanye


"i could never give you peace" alluding to how paparazzi and the public life will always come with her

"your integrity makes me seem small / i talk shit with my friends / it's like i'm wasting your honor" we all want to date somebody who makes us want to be a better person

"give you a child" damn, that's a strong line

"give you my best / but the rain is always gonna come" very accurate to how long-term relationships work with somebody with depression/anxiety


love the ethereal delivery of "my sleepless night"

darling seems so intimate in the context of a song alluding to cheating

"your faithless love is the only hoax i believe in"

"you know it still hurts underneath my scars / from when they pulled me apart"

so bittersweet, like this person put her back together and also was the one to rip her up again


skipped: epiphany, betty

favorites: the 1, exile, my tears ricochet, this is me trying, invisible string, peace, hoax

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