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How To Choose The Best Strings For Your Electric Guitar

by Guitar Beat 2 years ago in instruments
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When To Change The Strings?

If you have an electric guitar and you love playing it then you must be aware that your guitar needs maintenance. You may have to change the parts of a guitar neck when there is a need, but for strings you need to change them on time. You need to choose the best quality guitar strings as well so your performance is not affected in any way and at any time.

Whether you are a professional guitar player or a beginner you should be well versed with the parts of a guitar neck as well. It doesn’t matter at what level you play or what guitar type you have, you can get the strings which will match your needs. When it comes to choosing the best Electric guitar strings you can expect a diverse range of string, gauges, materials and styles.

For light gauge you should consider this:

Find strings that are easier to bend and play. So if you are a new player and have tender hands then easy to bend strings will keep you comfortable. Light gauge is ideal for vintage guitars and it projects with bright sound.

For heavy gauge you should consider this:

You need to put more pressure on the electric guitar neck. Yes, the finger pressure should be on the bend and fret notes and you can expect a punchy tone. The output will satisfy you. It is preferred for low tunings like Drop A, Drop D and much more.

Material of the electric guitar strings:

The strings of electric guitar are made using the metal alloys of different types and this affects the sound quality of the strings. Some general characteristics of guitar strings type and tone are given below:

  • Cobalt gives a huge dynamic range and high crisps along with increased low end
  • M-Steel offers a very robust low end response
  • Nickel gives balanced warmth and brightness
  • Stainless steel also gives an edgy tone that is crisp and bright. The material will not corrode as well
  • Pure nickel gives that vintage warm tone output.

When to change the strings?

Most of the guitar players change strings once every three months or if they have played the guitar for at least 100 hours. So, depending on what comes first one needs to take this decision. Strings may wear and tear with time and the guitar will sound flat or dull which will affect your performance so changing the guitar strings at the right time is a must else the strings may break while you are performing and no performer would like it.

Popular electric guitar strings brands:

Ernie ball :

Ernie ball is the famous American musician and entrepreneur who is the founder of the string Company that came into existence in 1962. The company offers guitar strings that are very popular and they come in a diverse range.

In the present time they create high quality strings that come at competitive prices and they specialize in electric guitar strings. Legends use these strings. To name a few they are Steve Vai, Paul and Flash. Blink 182, etc.

Eagles highlight the name of Ernie ball on their string packets so you know now how great their work quality is when it comes to electric guitar strings. You can try three different kinds of sets as each will produce a different output or sound quality. Hence you can make the best choice.


In the late 90’s Elixir launched coated strings and these strings were phenomenal. They are still heart to beat. The NANOWEB and POLYWEB coatings on the strings protect these from corrosion, rust and dirt. The lifespan of these strings is great and it offers many benefits like a smooth finger squeak.

These two coatings are different and they give a different tonal output. POLYWEB gives a warm tone whereas the NANOWEB gives a bright sound and the strings are also thin. The string gauge of .010-.046 is ideal for new players and the company fulfills the need of 7 strings and 12 strings guitars. You don’t need to buy these strings very often as they have a good lifespan.

DR strings:

In 1989 DR Strings came into picture and it is based in New Jersey. They produce strings by hand giving attention to every detail. They are known for bass strings and many guitarists around the globe are using these strings which include professionals as well. Pantera guitarist prefers these strings.

Whether it is heavy rock or blues these strings are ideal for producing that sound quality. For true vintage tunes with more sustain their mellow Pure Blues range are quite popular. The Veritas range is also very powerful and it gives advanced stability when it comes to tuning. So, choose from some cool colors.

Conclusion: These are a few brands which you can consider to buy strings from but there are many more brands that can fulfill your needs. You can choose to buy guitar spare parts also from some of the best brands to change the parts of a guitar neck if there is some issue with the parts. You need to keep your guitar in good shape and keep checking the guitar parts along with the strings from time to time. Thus, you can change them when required. You can consider other brands too to make a purchase, but try two to three string types to get that satisfying output.


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