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How New Fame and Money Has Affected My Life - Asake

"I just dope for everybody eye now..."

By Jide OkonjoPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Asake is the man of the hour. His song Sungba especially the Sungba (Remix) with Burna Boy released about a month ago is seriously heating up the charts, heating up the radio, and is on so many people's playlists. In addition to Sungba, Asake is also responsible to the incredibly massive hit, Omo Ope which features Olamide.

It is safe to say that Asake also sometimes known as Mr. Money is the latest big boy in the Nigerian music industry. With this new fame and money, it is expected that things would change. The new millionaire is adjusting to this new life of fame and money and during an interview with Hip TV, the singer opened up about some of the challenges he faces now with his new fame, as well as how he plans on sustaining the relevance and fame. Here's what Asake said.

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Asake on Hip TV

Speaking to Hip TV about any challenges he faces as a fast-rising act with new fame and money, Asake responded saying:

I think now I don't know the differences between eye service and people that are not doing eye service because now everybody loves me, to an extent. Like everybody in my house, my friends, everybody loves me. Gateman loves me. Driver loves me. If I move on the road, everybody loves me. Before I can tell when person no love me because they'll be blunt. Now everybody just loves me so I don't know. I don't even know person wey no love me. I don't know anything again. If I open my Instagram like this, love. My Snapchat, love. Even to people that used to tell me before "bro your pimples", the pimples come sexy to everybody now. My stature before, people go tell me say "bro, your stature." Now everything is just perfect. If I wear green on yellow on brown, za! Dope! I just dope for everybody eye now.

Then he was asked, "How do you plan to remain relevant?" to which he said:

Number one is I have to be humble. I hear that a lot. People that don't know me feel like I'm proud because of my name, because they call me Mr. Money and because of how I carry myself. A lot of people see it as "that one, him proud." So I think I need to be more humble to people. I don't need to prove that point though. If you see me say I proud, take it like that. When you meet me, you'll know the kind of person I am. And if you see me say I humble at the same time, gracias, God bless you. I just need to stay calm. Everything still goes to being focused.

I want people to know me as that good guy, that not too perfect guy, but everything I'm doing is awesome. For someone that like put ghetto in their brain. Like no matter anything I be, no matter the luxury car I get, no matter the dope houses I have, I still have to like let people on the street know you can make it. You can actually make it. There are so many good talents in the ghetto.

Asake is definitely one to watch and I for one am a huge fan of the singer. What do you think of his responses and what are your favorite Asake songs if you have anyone at the moment. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on my Jide Okonjo Facebook post.

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