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Hollywood Brittany's Prison Chains Are Broken and She's All In

New Rap Star Shares Troubled Story, Promotes New Record

By Winners OnlyPublished 5 years ago 6 min read
Hollywood Brittany

I got locked up for sex trafficking women. I had three females at the time. If anyone knows me and knows the game, they understand that no one was forced by any means. But it’s a touchy situation. Everyone has underlying hate for most people they're closest to.

- Hollywood Brittany

While looking for music videos to review, Hollywood Brittany's "Juice Gang" showed up in my YouTube search. The music video was full of gorgeous women bouncing their booties like most in the genre seem to include. It was also armed with an infectious bass banging beat and included a beautiful woman with a booming voice that was just as satisfying for the ears as the visual was to the eyes.

Hollywood Brittany is an up-and-coming force that most people may not see coming. People may not like her previous experiences and may look down upon her other current profession. While we live in a time where everyone seems to want the perfect hero without a spot or blemish, the reality is that if you're looking for that hero in human form, it doesn't exist.

Love it or not, Hollywood Brittany is here, and if she can survive and grow from all that she has previously experienced and done, your judgements will do little to prevent her from impacting the world.

WINNERS ONLY: For anyone around the world that may see this, explain who is Hollywood Brittany?

Hollywood Brittany: I'm just like any other motivated ambitious woman about her hustle. I’ve been through trials and tribulations just like other women in the game. The music I make is to inspire woman, men and young ones in the world to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Hustlin' to make it on top for my kids is what makes me happy. I do what I gotta do regardless. I been in the streets and I’ve seen things that most couldn’t fathom but I’ve stayed down and continue to prosper. There’s a lot of things I’ve done that could be shamed on, and I turn that around in my music. I’m not afraid to speak on what I do and where I’m going.

Tell us something that society would look down upon for, but you've turned it into a win.

Well I’m a stripper. I do think it’s becoming more accepted now in society but still lacks the respect it deserves in the industry. It’s not as easy as many think it is. But I do it to feed my children. I have a felony so it is harder for me to go out and get a job that would be equal to what I make dancing. So I believe I’ve definitely turned it into a win if it provides a plate for my kids.

You're a woman from Portland with a multi-ethnic kind of look. Most people wouldn't assume that you had a felony based on their own stereotypical thinking.

Of course not, but if they peep my music and really listen, you can learn about the type of female I am. I move very strategically. Anyone close to me says I’m like a dude most the time, or at least think like one. I was trained to move the way I do. I got in the game fresh at 18 years old and had mentors 10 years older than me. No one is perfect, so along the way I slipped up, got into some trouble, came home and bounced back ten times better than before. My felony was a blessing in disguise in many ways.

Ok we're gonna get to your new single but real quick, were you in prison? What's a part of the lifestyle that people need to know to stay away from if they ever get on the inside of it?

I got locked up for sex trafficking women. I had three females at the time. If anyone knows me and knows the game, they understand that no one was forced by any means. But it’s a touchy situation. Everyone has underlying hate for most people they're closest to. So of course the women I uplifted threw me under. I pleaded to something called the Mann Act. Basically I was running an illegal business. I got lucky because this was my first real offense. In the feds they do everything on a point grid, I was super low on it. I did a year in max security spending 22 1/2 hours in a cell a day. I got out on pre-trial house arrest for a year, then had five years probation. I completed everything. I had a major drinking problem, so like I said, my felony was a blessing in disguise because I haven’t drank in seven years.

Wow that's an incredible story. There's a massive women's movement against things like sex trafficking these days. Are you concerned about the future backlash you may get once your star becomes bigger? It seems like society likes to dig in your past and bring you down.

Yes of course, but I feel in the last few months, God has been preparing me for the good and the bad. He’s conditioning me to be ready when that time comes. No one said I was perfect. I'm far from it, but I’ve learned from every single thing I’ve done in my life, the good and the bad things. I can only move forward. People don’t have to like me, or approve of my past or current situations, but I do create a presence about myself that demands respect. Every other human bleeds the same as I do. Who are they to say I’m worse than them?

Got it. Your new single is "I'm All In," there seems to be this hot girl summer theme going on these days. As summer ends, will this song keep things hot for the rest of 2019?

Yes, “I'm All In” is a bold statement to all my hustlin' females and males that are out here grinding everyday. It expresses forms of how I’m hustlin' and how I’m not ashamed of how I do it. It’s a ride around and get it type of song, so therefore it will be continued throughout the rest of 2019 and furthermore.

Are there any ingredients that you find yourself consistently using that make your songs work? What sounds do you go for to concoct a hit?

Honestly I take it back a little. My inspiration rapper is EVE. I like more lyrical raps. I still enjoy a lot of the new aged music but I try to incorporate a lot of older vibes as well. I like beats that you could vibe to without any lyrics. That’s how I know I got a good one. I just follow how I’m feelin' with the beat. I create my hooks first, then the verses are easy to follow after I know the theme of the song.

Where and when will "I'm All In" be available?

“I'm All In” will be available on all platforms Friday August 16th, 2019.

Before we go I gotta talk about "Juice Gang." First of all it's a dope song and sexy video. People just have to find it and in time you're gonna have a big hit. How did that song come into reality? Did it turn out like you thought it would?

"Juice Gang" was made in my kitchen. One morning I was listening to beats and my son came to get some juice, I just started chanting “I got the juice gang gang. I got the juice bang bang” and it just went with the beat. It was a hit! I wanted to make it for my bad bitches, and my partners really out here grindin'. I wanted to them a song to chant and uplift them. That’s “Juice Gang!”

Who produced that track?

Roman RSK produced "Juice Gang."

Has he done anything else for you?

Not out yet but I have a new track I’m working on now from him!

You two got some magic. I'd say keep at it with him.

Who is the producer of "I'm All In?"

Yes for sure! “I’m All In” producer is The Ambiance. I find a lot of my beats through a common site that both those producers put their beats on.

Tell us what you like about The Ambiance's production of your new song?

I like the tempo, it gives it balance between the energy I’m bringing and the energy he produced with the beat!

Nice. We got so much more to talk about. So many more interviews to do. I'm looking forward to the new release and all that is to come with you.

Thank you and I appreciate the support!


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