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"Here We Go Again"

My original song

By Anna BPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

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This is my original song called “Here We Go Again.”

I would really appreciate it if you would go and listen to my song and tell me if you like it! I wrote this song a few nights ago when I was alone in bed and it’s just a little bit of an experience from a few months ago. I’m going to break down my lyrics verse by verse.

A few months ago, my now boyfriend and I were broken up. He kept giving me hope that we would get back together but at the same time, he was messing around with other girls. That absolutely broke my heart. For this song, I took my personal experience and I also started to think about what it would be like if I was living with him at that time.


"Here we go again

I’m sitting home alone

Your food is getting cold

She’s getting your texts again

I’m waiting for you to show

Are you ever coming home?"

This verse is basically self explanatory. I had some suspicions right before all of this started happening that he was messaging some girls he shouldn’t have been. While I was writing this, I imagined myself being at his apartment and waiting for him to come home at night after work. I would cook him food around the time he should have been home and he just never showed up.


"I never should have stayed

I should have let you walk away

I lose myself every night that you’re with her

I never should have stayed

I should have walked away

But I know we’ll just say goodnight"

So I slowly started to realize that I should have just let him walk away whenever he broke up with me. What he was doing to me and putting me through wasn’t right. I knew that almost every night I wasn’t there, he would be with a girl. Then I started to realize that I should have walked away. I couldn’t bring myself to walk away, no matter how much pain I was feeling because of what he was doing. I knew that instead of saying goodbye, we would just say goodnight.


"Here we go again

Back to where we started

My patience is running thin

Are you listening?

I’m waiting for you to show

Are you ever coming home?"

I thought things were getting better. He was home more often, his phone wasn’t blowing up as much. But then we were back to where we started. I tried to talk to him about it. He would listen, but he wasn’t hearing and understanding me.

Then the song goes back into the chorus and ends with this verse.


"Here we are now

You’re sitting home alone

My food is getting cold

She asked you “where you been?”

You’re waiting for me to show

I’m never coming home"

This is a little twist I put on the story. In the real life version, he stoped messing around with other girls and we got back together and now we’re really happy together. But in the song, he finally realized what he was doing, but it was too late. One night he decided to make the change. He was going to stop messaging all the girls and stop messing around with them so they could work things out. The girl in this story was at his home and she was waiting for him with his dinner, along with hers. He was late coming home from work one night because he actually had to stay later, he didn’t have a choice. When he finally got home, she was gone and she never came back to him.

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