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Granny’s Basement to the Grammy’s, Can Anyone Do It?

Entrepreneurship or Chance?

By SubconsciouS Hip HopPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
Drake “More Life” at the 2018 Grammy Awards

In 2018, the genre of Hip-Hop and Rap has been greatly influential to many of the youth, good and bad. Money, fame and notoriety are just a few of the things that the young minds in this generation seek and envy. But, what isn’t seen? What is it that the role models and idols of this era have that makes any one of these things obtainable?

What is the Motive? Is there any?

There’s nothing like the come-up. You’re in your mom's basement with your homies and you’re recording on an $80 mic you got for your birthday. Making music is fun. At least it passes the time until that party your friends invited you to. What’s lacking in you? What is missing to take the first step to success? A MOTIVE. Dreams are not achievable, dreams are not obtainable, dreams are not real, unless they are REALISTIC. Small goals leading up to bigger ones are KEY to keeping a strong mind and a strong mind-SET on your dreams. Whatever motivates you, whatever pushes you to strive and succeed in giving any effort into whatever you do, make sure it stays! Think about it. Tomorrow you’re one day closer to holding that Grammy in your hands, to winning an Oscar, to flying on a private jet in the sky. Whatever it is, STAY focused and NEVER hopeless! However, motivation is just one aspect of it all. Marketing may be the most crucial when the big picture is being painted.

Are you an Artist or a Business?

Money, money, money, money. We all want it when we’re alive, yet it's worthless to us when we die. Dark maybe, but it’s reality. I can tell you that money is just material and that all you need is talent and a good effort. But I would just be creating false thinking. When looking at yourself as a musician or entertainer of any kind, you must see yourself as a PRODUCT. Labels and anyone who can take your career to the next level only see you as a dollar sign. Whatever your value is to them is what you will get. BRANDING is an important thing to think about when creating your product. Are you professional? Is your work professional? Do you STAND OUT? You can’t fit in and stand out at the same time, so it is important to think outside the box in this aspect. Brainstorming new ideas is an easy and productive way to come up with these important things to add to your product's worth. Be prepared and ready to fall at any moment. Learn to get up and start again. In my personal experience, you learn more from those who have failed than those who have succeeded. That being said, think different. BE DIFFERENT! Although, trying to be different isn’t being different, so just remember to always be yourself and let the thinking be different! When brainstorming and creating, can too much be given?

More or Less?

No doubt, you’ve heard the saying, “Quality over Quantity.” But, do YOU understand what it means? When thinking about life in general, we think MORE is better. Though, that makes sense to an extent, when talking music and entertainment it is completely opposite. Millions and millions and millions of people ACROSS the WORLD post content that displays, both good and bad qualitative work. However, would you rather have more in that pile with less quality or less with better? Again, standing out is crucial given the many social media users who have the same dreams you have. Remember, though, you can obtain what they lack. The motivation to work with PERSISTENCE while keeping a realistic mind that is set on understanding the entrainment industry and knowing it is a BUSINESS. Everything from your name to your mixtape cover is important. If it isn’t a 100 percent banger then don’t release it. Practice your craft. Don’t be like everyone else failing. You can say, “it’s easier said than done,” but that’s not true. If you want be the next Drake or Kendrick, work your butt off for the next 10 years and in 10 years you WILL have it! Nobody wants to work is the problem, but you can be different. Don’t make excuses, make money!


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