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Giolì & Assia - Handpans and House Music in Iceland

Giolì & Assia Live with #DiesisLive - Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

By sleepy draftsPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 6 min read
Giolì & Assia - #DiesisLive @Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland [Handpan Set]

I first found Giolì & Assia through means of my YouTube algorithm knowing me way too well. Little did I know this set, livestreamed in Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland would send me down one of my favorite little musical rabbit holes to date.

I started writing about Giolì & Assia after stumbling across the #DiesisLive performance featured in the cover photo (er - cover video?) I've never really explored EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or House Music. Not that I didn't want to - it just seemed like such a complex and elusive world of music; I didn't even know how to approach it or where to start.

In essence, the language of EDM was a foreign one to me. Even without being able to understand the title of this set or how the procession of songs were laid out at first, I fell in love with Giolì & Assia's energy.

When I first watched Giolì & Assia's Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon set in Iceland, I was so mesmerized that I simply had to know more about the two and their artistic expression.

The first thing I wanted to know... what is #DiesisLive? Was this young duo seriously performing this incredible set live? Who were they? How did they do this?

The answers made listening to Giolì & Assia's music even more enjoyable.

With their surreal and unique mix of indie, pop, electronic, and House music Giolì & Assia puts on a magnetic and unforgettable performance.

But first, to translate a few things:

What Does the Title of the YouTube Video Mean?

The Title: Giolì & Assia - #DiesisLive @Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland [Handpan Set]

Giolì & Assia is the name of the musical duo, a combination of both their first names.

#DiesisLive is a project where Giolì & Assia livestream their musical performances in breathtaking, sometimes risky locations. The word "Diesis" in #DiesisLive comes from their record label of the same name.

Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland is where this particular #DiesisLive set is being streamed from.

Giolì & Assia is known for their inclusion of the instrument, the handpan, in their EDM and House Music sets.

How Does This Set Work?

The songs I've touched on from this set are from Giolì & Assia's album, "Fire Hell and Holy Water."

The songs bolded in between the discussion songs are remixes of music from other artists on Giolì & Assia's record label, Diesis Records. The titles of the remixed songs are organized by time stamp, song title, and then the original DJ/artist. If the title does not have an artist attached, it means Giolì and Assia are the original artists.

0:00 Silence

The set opens up with a striking shot of Giolì & Assia against the stunning Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland. Giolì & Assia are carefully dressed in deliberate, all-white outfits with artistic, modern, and sleek silhouettes. The duo's fashion choices both reflect and emphasize the chilling Icelandic backdrop with its natural, near black-and-white beauty.

Surrounding the young women are their instruments: a piano, synthesizer, drum set, and most notably, Giolì's signature handpan. As the music begins, Giolì & Assia immediately draw us in with their passionate performance.

Giolì lets herself become entirely enthralled in the music while never quite letting herself get lost in it - her focus is always on the performance, the production, and the attention to detail necessary to pull off such feats. It's amazing to watch Giolì's genius at work as she floats between instruments and then back to the headset to check and adjust her settings or prepare for her next artistic move.

Meanwhile, Assia's vocals are clear, piercing, and touch on something honest to the point of near discomfort. Assia's voice completes the celestial and full sound the duo is known for, perfectly complementing Giolì's technical mastermind. The perfect yin to each other's artistic yang.

I'm scared if I would close my eyes

And lose control again

When you lay your body next to mine

Do I heal your pain?

You say you need me, don't let me go

But you never, never let me breathe

You say you love me, pull me down

Burnin', yeah, you burn my lungs on fire

Silence, silence

Words are burnin'

Could you let it go?

Could you let it go?

Could we let it go?

Runnin', runnin'"

Photo credit: Ibizasonica on Giolì & Assia's 'Forever Young' Feature

Fades into 3:35 Sikhanyisele - Leo Guardo Feat. Toshi (Giolì & Assia Handpan edit)

Fades into 7:30 - Eidothea - Matan Caspi & E'sh

9:13 Extasy

As the music fades from Giolì & Assia's covers of other DJs from Diesis Records' work back into their own, the drone pans over stunning shots of the stark Icelandic Glacier Lagoon. Scenes of the Glacier Lagoon's rippling glaciers and astounding ice burgs invite us into a moment of otherworldly escape. Mountains emerge from glaciers surrounded by glassy, frozen water as Giolì & Assia's steamy performance begins.

Assia's voice brings the heat while Giolì's mixing brings the tension. Contrasted with the chilling, larger-than-life presence of the Glacier Lagoon, Giolì & Assia's performance of their song, "Extasy" feels at the same time, intimate and sublime.

Somehow "Extasy's" musical sound with the pairing of this perpetually wintery setting makes me think of passionate, budding love and late, chilly nights: full of possibility and lurking with magic.

Kissing your scarlet lips at night

caressing your hips, are pearly white

I, I’m feeling high

I, I’ll stare you forever

You’re all I ever need

Do you understand?

Just your love for me

Do you understand?

your chest looks sunset pink

it’s giving me


Photo credit: Radioandmusic on Giolì & Assia and their song, 'Silence'

Fades into 13:00 - Hela [ALAULA] - Biskuwi

16:55 Playing Chess

"Hela" fades out and we are confronted by a distinct change of pace as Giolì sits at the piano and begins to play against the landscape of jagged ice. Assia's vocals are ethereally desperate and pleading as her and Giolì perform, surrounded by shots of cold Icelandic walls. The combination of passion and ice manifests a striking experience.

Giolì moves over to the drums as the tempo picks up and "Playing Chess" switches its tone once more, bringing us with it on the song's instrumental and lyrical journey.

As the camera pans between Giolì & Assia and the lagoon of smooth, pointed glaciers, the song's intensity increases until we are entirely immersed in Giolì & Assia's artistic experience.

Do you ever feel like we're playing chess

And you're checkmate at your first move?

Do you ever feel you wanna love

But you're too scared they're giving up on you?

But when it's dark, I know

Our love will bloom

‘Cause when it's dark, I know

Our souls are true

Yeah, when it's dark, I see

Nobody follow the rules

'Cause you can't lie to the moon

Photo credit: Jukely on 'Giolì & Assia Balance the Personal and the Professional'

Fades into 22:00 - Woods [KEINEMUSIK] - &ME

Fades into 25:30 - Transformation [RADIKON] - Jonas Saalbach

Fades into 28:50 - Vision (Giolì & Assia remix) - The Dualz

Giolì & Assia showcase their expansive talents with this set filmed from Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland. Each component of their performance is meticulous to a degree that elevates it into something inspirational.

Giolì & Assia take us along with them on a transcendental journey in this set. By combining their talents and ingenuity, Giolì & Assia gifts their audience something larger than life with this musical and visual experience.

Together, Giolì & Assia remind us that creativity has no bounds.

Have you heard of Giolì & Assia? If so, what was your first introduction to Giolì & Assia?

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    No I have not heard of Gioli and Assia! To say I'm stunned and mesmerized would be an understatement!!! Their voices and music sent me to another realm. Like the kinda music that transports your soul away from reality! I freaking love them so much and thank youuuuuu for introducing them to me! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • You are my introduction to them, Em. Incredible talents.

  • Christy Munson2 months ago

    Thank you for introducing me to Gioli and Assia! Love the vibe and visuals.

  • Shirley Belk2 months ago

    This was my first introduction. Nice beat and beautiful voices.

  • Heather Hubler2 months ago

    I never heard of these artists, but what a treat!! Gorgeous music to go with the stunning background. I enjoy EDM but usually only because I stumble across it, lol. Great article!!

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