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Galantis: Bringing Sweden's EDM Scene to the US in Style

With nearly 12 million Spotify streams a month, Sweden's Galantis is blowing up.

By Adam QuinnPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

If you're a fan of mainstream EDM, then you already know Galantis as the maverick duo from Stockholm consisting of Linus Eklow and Christian Karlsson. They're the breakout artists who helped bring EDM with Eurodance elements to America, and saying that they're popular is an understatement.

Since they officially founded the band in 2012, Galantis has placed #1 on Billboard charts, gotten remixes done by techno heavyweight Kaskade, and had videos featuring their music scoring as many as 242 million views per release.

Many major names in the music world can't come close to that level of runaway success - and one has to wonder what it is about Galantis that makes their music so infectious. Is it the catchy lyrics? Is it the mood they can set to any song? Or, is it just that their spark of creativity makes them that good?

Well, once you start actually watching their music videos, it becomes clear that it's a mix of all that - and more.

One thing that you might notice with Galantis is that they have a mascot that's featured in their music videos, CD artwork, and merch. It's a mascot that has the head of a cat, with a fish-like face and piercing eyes.

Galantis calls this fantasy creature a seafox - and the fact that they even came up with it just goes to show you how creative the two really are. In a strange way, their seafox mascot actually mimics their music; seafoxes are trippy, oddly memorable, and have that je ne sais quois that makes them stick in your mind long after you first see them.

In a weird way, that striking vibe you get from the seafoxes featured in Galantis's stuff also mimics one particular member's talent. I'm talking more specifically of Linus Eklow.

Karlsson explained it best when he talked about what drew him to his fellow bandmate, Eklow: "He's an amazing programmer and designer of soundscapes. It was artsy, in a way. He was different."

And, different Galantis and their "Seafox Nation" of fans are. Their sound and their scene, without a doubt, are beautifully different.

Ever since Galantis released their first single, "Smile," in 2013, it's been nothing short of a near-constant stream of hits. Most people know them for their worldwide smash hit "Runaway (U+I)" from 2014 - but that's far from their only hit.

Their earlier hit, "You," became the 8th most requested song after its debut at Ultra Music Festival. In 2016, Galantis followed up the platinum-selling success of "Runaway (U+I)" with a club anthem called "No Money" that topped charts in the US, UK, and mainland Europe.

What exactly makes them so popular?

Well, it's a combination of things. Their music is overwhelmingly happy, and that alone makes it fun to listen to. But, it's more than just the joyful vibes they give. It has the same surreal, occasionally-escapist emotion of old school rave music.

At times, you can almost feel the kinship that Galantis want their fans to have with one another. Though they are definitely mainstream electronica, Galantis delivers all the raw, naked soul of classic rave DJs. If you ask techno fiends, that genuine vibe is what sets them apart from so many others.

It's dance-worthy because of the deep house, EDM, and Eurodance beats they place into their tracks. Yet, dance-worthy isn't all it is. It's also club anthem-worthy due to their occasionally helium-pitched choruses, catchy lyrics, and killer beat drops.

The bottom line is that Galantis slays it with pulse-pounding beats that lift you up, give you the love you need to feel, and make you feel like raging all night with a pair of glowsticks in your hands.

It's looking like the Seafox Nation will be around for a quite a long time thanks to their music's staying power and positive vibes. Thousands of screaming fans can't be wrong, can they?


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