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Friday's Five at 5: Volume Thirteen

Discover your new favourite song this weekend.

By Talya JacobsonPublished 4 years ago 7 min read
R&B Singer RAYN (Collage Art: Talya Jacobson)

Hey friends and music lovers! Welcome to Friday's Five at 5 Volume Thirteen!

Thank you to everyone who sent in music to be featured this week, this series IS all about what you guys enjoy.

Remember, you can still go into the draw to win an AWESOME Friday's Five at 5 prize pack! All you have to do is fill in a quick survey—link is at the bottom of the story; read it first!

If you would like to get involved by sending in artists you love or even be featured yourself, don't hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram or Twitter.

Also—don't forget about Friday's Five at 5's Spotify playlist! It's so important that you guys have access to the music you read about on here, so here it is in one easy click!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Volume Thirteen of Friday's Five at 5.

1. "When Will This Begin" | Anieszka

R&B Songstress Anieszka (Collage Art: Talya Jacobson)

The stunning soulful vocals of Anieszka is sure to get you through this weekend, serving good vibes and leaving you with a smile on your face.

Her 2018 EP Elixir saw this alt-R&B Soul star breaking down genre barriers as she experimented with various sounds and themes. Her intention was to heal and connect through music, hence the title, and I can say with confidence that her music does exactly that.

Anieszka's latest track, "When Will This Begin" saw her working alongside UK DJ and producer Dat Gruvee in London and it serves Afro House/R&B vibes. This vibrant, groovy sound is complemented by her angelic vocals and presents something that is missing from the R&B world.

"There are many intricacies in music that reflect us as human beings and therefore are an extension of who we are, that's why music is an essential part of our daily lives."

Having her music featured all over the world from the UK to Mauritius, to Germany and Israel, there is no doubt that people are loving this sound.

Anieszka is working towards releasing more music very soon, and I for one am VERY excited.

Check out Anieszka now!

2. "Dream" | TEX

Sydney Duo TEX (Photo: TEX @texband1)

From the moment I read their Facebook bio, I knew I would love what these guys have to say.

Describing their genre as, "Sort of like when you are really thirst[y] and pop open an orange juice popper and the smell hits you then you take a sip and oh jeez does that zesty flavour hydrate," it's tricky to explain just how great this music is.

It is hard to believe the energy that comes from their music is made up of only two people; multi-instrumentalist Romie Olivares-Panucci and drummer Liam Jennings.

Having released their self-titled EP earlier this year, TEX have been showing Aussie audiences who they are by playing local shows and incredibly, having just played at the Yours and Owls festival over the weekend.

This track, "Dream," is mostly instrumental but is full-bodied, fun and basically exactly how the boys described their genre to be. The song is dreamy yet will put you into an electric-spacey-boppy trance, with the vocals at the end serving as an unexpected yet pleasant surprise.

TEX is unique, enjoyable to listen to, and according to Friday's Five at 5 reader Olivia, ridiculously cool live.

Looking forward to seeing more from these guys!

Check out TEX now!

3. "Hold Me" | The Teskey Brothers

Global Stars The Teskey Brothers (Photo: The Teskey Brothers)

Okay, I know these guys are a bit big to feature on Friday's Five at 5, but when my friend Erin mentioned them to me and I didn't know who they were, all I felt was shame. If I hadn't heard these guys before, I knew there would be others out there that hadn't heard them either, and I HAD to change that.

The Teskey Brothers reign from Victoria and consist of Josh and Sam Teskey alongside their childhood neighbourhood friends Brendon Love and Liam Gough (Yes—not all brothers!).

Founder of Mushroom Records Michael Gudinski has said that The Teskey Brothers' music speaks for itself and that Spotify listeners and Vinyl purists alike will find joy in their new record, Run Home Slow.

All the songs on this album honour an old school Motown sound, yet mix in blues and a bit of rock. It's absolutely brilliant.

One of my own personal favourite tracks on the record is "Hold Me." The track serves gospel vibes mixed in with some bluesy-rock feels. Honestly, I'm just obsessed with the smoky, soul-reaching vocals of Josh Teskey alongside the mesmerising harmonies and rhythm.

The boys are getting ready to play their SOLD OUT tour starting at Sydney's Metro Theatre on October 30, so count yourself lucky if you scored tickets! If not, then join me in being sad, hoping they tour again soon, and also relying on my friends for footage!

Probably my new favourite band. Cool, thanks Erin!

Check out The Teskey Brothers now!

4. "Good and Gone" - Seaforth

Australian Country-Pop duo Seaforth finding their feet in Nashville. (Photo: Seaforth)

The fact that it's Volume Thirteen of Friday's Five at 5 and I still haven't featured these guys baffles me.

These guys have made it big, having left us stranded here in Australia for the sunny (?), wonderful (?) shores of Nashville, Tennessee, and success is following them wherever they go. (Okay just kidding about the ?'s—maybe a bit jealous of Nashville—I'm sure it's lovely..!)

Okay but seriously—Seaforth are awesome and I'm about to tell you why.

This country-pop duo from Sydney consists of Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson, and growing up in the same suburb (the suburb of Seaforth!) they found themselves drawn to similar music and eventually decided to start a collaborative project after travelling to Tennessee together following in the footsteps of Aussie's very own country star Keith Urban.

Their incredible vocals, harmonies and overall catchy tunes have allowed the boys to relocate to Nashville permanently after being signed to Sony Music Nashville, which is pretty damn huge.

"From the day we wrote our first song together — a song that was organic and guitar-based, but also very modern in its approach — we knew we needed to be here. It's a dream come true."

Now to the song! "Good and Gone" features on Seaforth's debut EP, Love That, and was recently re-released as a reimagined, acoustic version.

The track is groovy and catchy, and really serves country-pop vibes. Their vocals are as strong as ever and the song is sure to get you up and dancing this weekend. Or cleaning the house? I feel like this is something I'd listen to and be super productive because of it.

Seaforth is currently touring with Mitchell Tenpenny across the US, so catch them if you can! (And boys—come back for an Aussie show soon please!)

Check out the reimagined version of "Good and Gone" below.

5. "OMM" | RAYN

Contemporary R&B Soul Singer RAYN (Photo: @sangbyrayn)

Luckily for us at Friday's Five at 5, RAYN has just released her debut single, "OMM" over the weekend, and it's a vibe!

This Aussie born artist embraces the things that make her stand out which has allowed her to create the music she does.

Formerly known as Kyrah, RAYN has created an undeniably hypnotic, alluring R&B sound that you NEED to listen to this weekend.

In a recent Happy Mag interview, RAYN revealed the importance of expressing her sexuality comfortably as a woman without being judged or shamed.

"I had been writing a lot about heartbreak/love songs, so when the idea came into my mind, I wanted to celebrate those feelings instead of ignoring them. On my mind is a bit of a cheeky way of saying I want you."

The song is absolutely transfixing; you would never realise it goes for close to five minutes!

It is filled with sexy yet powerful vocals and stunning harmonies and backing vocals, with a memorable beat that you could listen to over and over again.

RAYN will feature at FKA Festival NEXT WEEKEND in the Hunter Valley alongside The Rubens, Allday, SAFIA and many more. Final release tickets are on sale NOW so get them quick before they go!

Check out RAYN now!

That's all from me, I hope you've enjoyed this week's Friday's Five at 5! PLEASE read and share to your hearts content as it helps me a LOT, and more importantly LISTEN TO THE ARTISTS! 

A little reminder; I have some goodies to give away! All the art on my blogs are unique pieces of work and one lucky person will get a pack of their favourites, PLUS A CUSTOM PIECE!

Click here to enter!

Here are this week's five once again:

1. "When Will This Begin" by Anieszka | @anieszka

2. "Dream" by TEX | @tex_band

3. "Hold Me" by The Teskey Brothers| @theteskeybrothers

4. "Good and Gone" by Seaforth| @weareseaforth

5. "OMM" by RAYN| @sangbyrayn

Take a look, see who tickles your fancy and show your support for them. 

Remember to listen to all the songs featured on Friday's Five at 5's Spotify playlist!

See you next week!

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