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Friday's Five at 5 | Volume Seven

Songs you need to listen to this weekend.

By Talya JacobsonPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Snoh Aalegra (Collage Art: Talya Jacobson)

Hey y'all, welcome to Friday's Five at 5 Volume Seven!

Thank you to everyone who sent in music to be featured this week, this series IS all about what you guys enjoy.

If you would like to get involved by sending in artists you love or even be featured yourself, don't hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram or Twitter (links at the bottom of the story; read it first!)

Also, don't forget about Friday's Five at 5's new Spotify playlist! It's so important that you guys have access to the music you read about on here, so here it is in one easy click!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Volume Seven of Friday's Five at 5.

1. "Mama Said" | Alexandra Younes

Sydney Singer-Songwriter Alexandra Younes (Credit: Alexandra Younes)

This pocket rocket of a superstar is taking LA by storm, leaving her Aussie fans and friends proud. The release of her debut EP Head Held High in June this year shows that she is serious about making it in the industry, and powerhouse track "Mama Said" is no different.

Inspired by Charlie Puth's heavy bass lines and bouncy melodies, this experimental track has been well received by fans.

"This song is inspired by some friends’ relationships that my mum predicted would fail—she was right."

Her diverse sound is setting this talent apart from the rest, from her powerful songwriting combined with strong, enchanting vocals. Looking forward to hearing more from her very soon!

2. "Find Someone Like You" | Snoh Aalegra

Swedish Singer-Songwriter Snoh Aalegra (Credit: Snoh Aalegra)

My dear friend and talented singer herself Nada-Leigh Nasser has been asking me to include Snoh Aalegra in this blog for a while now, and it's my biggest regret that I haven't featured one of her songs in every single Friday's Five at 5; that’s how talented this star is.

Her latest album, Ugh, those feels again, (a super relatable title considering how many feels this whole album gives me, and also just feels in general), was released earlier this month, featuring "Find Someone Like You."

This warm, enticing track is groovy as her soulful voice immediately captures you and takes you into another world. In a relatable tune, Aalegra talks about being encapsulated in a relationship and wanting it to last forever.

Her undeniable talent has also seen her collaborating with influential artists such as Drake, John Mayer and Prince, who mentored her for two years before his passing.

Put this on your gloomy day playlist, but also your soul queen playlist.

3. "Better By Myself" | Hey Violet

LA Based Pop Rock Trio Hey Violet (Credit: Hey Violet)

"Better By Myself" is one of three singles released by Pop Rock trio Hey Violet this year, the others being "Close My Eyes" and "Queen Of The Night."

I was instantly captured by the sharp vocals of singer Rena Lovelis, kind of giving me Melanie Martinez vibes. The track is catchy, groovy and relatable; an overall bop!

The other two singles released are just as boppy, showing a newer side to the band formerly known as Cherri Bomb.

These guys are awesome and one to look out for!

4. "Chasing Patterns" | Yuma X

Aussie Electronic Duo Yuma X (Credit: Yuma X)

I recently discovered this electronic duo after finding out they will be opening for G-Flip at one of her two Sydney shows, and I'm happy I did because these guys are cool. Credit where credit is due; thanks G!

"Chasing Patterns" was released just this month, with its iridescent cover art representing the sound of this sparkly, magical track.

Lucy's vocals are soothing and addictive, encapsulating the laid back sounds of the track as a whole.

Being fairly recent to the music scene, Lucy and Jake are one duo to look out for. Looking forward to seeing them live very shortly.

5. "I'll Die Anyway" | Girl in Red

Norwegian Musician Girl in Red (Credit: Girl in Red)

This wonderfully unique singer-songwriter and producer hails from Norway, with her sensitive lyrics appealing to young people all over the world.

Marie Ulven (known as Girl in Red) was producing music for years before releasing her debut EP chapter 1 in 2018. Understandably, this blew up, with "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend" being listed as #9 on The New York Times list "The 65 Best Songs of 2018."

Her latest release, "I'll Die Anyway," is a super cool track with strong guitar and drum tracks and catchy, relatable lyrics. The mystical yet groovy vibe of the song really does encapsulate Ulven's talent, considering she produces everything in her very own home studio setup in her room.

Girl in Red is currently on tour in the US and will also play shows across Europe this year.

This artist is super duper cool, keen to see what comes next from her! Maybe even an Aussie tour!

That's all from me, I hope you've enjoyed this week's Friday's Five at 5! PLEASE read and share to your hearts content as it helps me a LOT, and more importantly LISTEN TO THE ARTISTS!

Here they are:

1. "Mama Said" by Alexandra Younes | @alexandrayounes_

2. "Find Someone Like You" by Snoh Aalegra| @snohaalegra

3. "Better By Myself" by Hey Violet|@heyviolet

4. "Chasing Patterns" by Yuma X| @weareyuma_x

5. "I'll Die Anyway" by Girl in Red| @girlinred

Take a look, see who tickles your fancy and show your support for them.

See you next week!

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