"Foothills" Music Video: A Multi-Parallel Journey

by Oriel Poole about a year ago in indie

Oriel Poole reveals the symbolism of "Foothills" and significance behind the song.

Standing at the Foothills

“Foothills” the music video carries themes of reconnection, rebirth, and a shedding of the material world. Inspired by the song, the “Foothills” music video is about being at the base of a mountain, ready to climb toward my destiny. The narrative for the music video was co-written by Ryan Lampert, Ostara, and myself, Oriel Poole. More like a short film than a music video, the imagery in “Foothills” is rich with symbolism.

The Symbolism

The film’s imagery draws inspiration from traditional belly dancing and tarot.

The Serpent Dancers

The serpent is a symbol of transformation; the appearance of serpent dancers in the video foreshadows something greater to come. As I shed the the layers of the past, the serpent dancers find me stripped down bare and guide me forward. With love and tenderness, they perform their ritual dance and dress me with adornments as an initiation into the divine feminine.

The High Priestess

Inspired by tarot imagery, The High Priestess is a woman of duality, depicted in black and white. Unlike the serpent dancers, she presents herself as more of a mysterious figure as she embodies the subconscious realm. She appears in the video to transform my shadow into the light and to crown me in my mission to claim my true path as an artist.

Later on, she gives me a note before I begin my journey toward the desert.

The Meaning of "Foothills"

We are here on this earth to remember why we are born and what we are assigned to create in our lifetimes. I am here to create a life worth living. “Live life to the fullest” is not a phrase I take lightly.

I am not motivated to be an artist simply as a means of achieving fame or fortune. By following this path, I am committing to a life that is full. It is when our cups are not only full, but overflowing, that we can be absolute in our sense of self and place in this world. This sense of fulfillment cultivates the necessary resources needed to give back to others.

My pursuit on this planet to is become be a voice for humanity. I am here to channel my gifts as an artist and inspire others to create a global community, awarding me the tools to give back on a mass scale.

I admit I have a long road ahead in pursuit of the bigger picture, but I know my truth, and I am grateful for it. The completion of this song and music video is simply one the first steps along this path.

Music Video Credits

  • Directed by: Ryan Lamptert
  • Art Direction by: Ostara
  • Produced by: Oriel Poole
  • Co-Written by: Oriel Poole, Ryan Lampert, and Ostara
  • Edited by: Ryan Lampert
  • Colored by: RKM Studios


  • Wardrobe, Custom Adornments & Bodysuits: Ostara
  • Wardrobe, Hand Painted and Colored Mesh: HAH Couture
  • Makeup Artist: Samantha Blankenship


  • High Priestess: Ostara
  • Desert Serpents: Megan Somerville and Samantha Blankenship

Song Credits

  • Written by: Oriel Poole
  • Produced by: Max Savage
  • Mixed by: Michael Freeman
  • Mastering by: Twin Peaks Studios

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