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Fireberg Delivers New ‘Call Of The Phoenix’ EP

Fresh Music That Motivates The Masses Incoming

By Mike MediaPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

It's been an epic year for the global electronic scene. One of the crowning glory's for us is New York’s rising talent Fireberg rounding out the vibrant festival season with his adept new multi-faceted single ‘Call of The Phoenix’.

Delivering a firm statement of intent through its vibrant Latin House stylings, the lead track fluidly navigates across the dance floor with rhythmic textures and a prominent underground edge, whilst promoting deeper House shades throughout the arrangement. Joined by Prince Of Queens on remix duties ‘Call of The Phoenix’ was released on 16th September and is available on all leading download and streaming platforms.

This exciting single instantly translates from the airwaves to the heart of clubland. Actively showcasing a unique and resilient energy that is fast becoming a trademark of the Fireberg sound, here we are treated to a rare glimpse into the personality and often private character of this flourishing performer. This forthcoming release sets a tone for what we should expect from Fireberg over the coming months.

With an ongoing drive and creative work ethic to counteract a reflective period throughout covid, ‘Call Of The Phoenix’ will lift the artist to broader international acclaim and ignite his ever increasing following under the new evolution of the brand. Remaining authentic throughout his journey, this transformative single shares glimpses of the past, present and future of the act.

Fireberg comments

“Call of the Phoenix is a celebration of all that is renewed and reborn, and the sometimes scary, sometimes exhilarating, and sometimes tragic process of transformation required to emerge into a new being. House music here evokes an honoring of tradition and cycles, while subtle elements of jazz and Latin music intertwined with synesthetic melodies and rhythms light a metaphysical candle for the virtues of individuality and diversity.”

Recently returning from the Burning Man playa in the lead into this pinnacle and aptly titled single, Dan Berg steps forward with his dance floor focussed alias and proudly informs us that ‘Call Of The Phoenix’ sets a clear impression for a new beginning and run of fresh output and creative concept pieces from this prolific producer.

The original mix unfurls in fine drama and maintains a cohesive and credible edge that will ensure this track remains on regular rotation by DJ’s. The Prince Of Queens mix steps in with a notable percussive emphasis. Courtesy of the well established figurehead in NYC’s current tropical scene this interpretation accentuates the Latin percussion and adds a raw bassline that instantly drives the song and remains a center piece to the often kaleidoscopic detailing, that illuminates a furlough of atmospheric layers.

Hailing from a futuristic landscape where gravel, glass and steel rub up against tropical traditions passed down to street-savvy kids, Prince of Queens has made it his mission to synthesize NYC’s trans-caribbean culture clash and turn it into something entirely unique. His vision: deep techno improbably sprouted from tropic disco, demented cumbia and merengue as imagined by a clever, glitchy robot; a nod to Detroit from a Colombian immigrant’s point of view.

Also known as the multi-instrumentalist holding down the low-end and synth wizard for the band Combo Chimbita, for the past 15 years Prince of Queens has been actively involved in the Colombian and Latinx music scene in New York City, releasing, performing and djing all over the US, Europe, and Latin America. With a run of solo releases under his belt, Prince of Queens continues to explore the links between immigrant culture and electronic music. Paying tribute to the underground dance music that drives his inspiration.

Through his own Mishbaka imprint, Dan seeks to further synthesize his personal and musical ideas into one holistic vision for himself and the future ahead. This cumulative release is an enduring celebration of the Fireberg heritage whilst remaining firmly focussed on the musical pulse of innovation and creativity.

It's time for the collective world to tune into the sound of Firberg and engage as this proverbial phoenix is due to prominently sail high above the masses and firmly position Dan as an artist to watch in the following year.



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