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february '22 playlist

by Beca Damico 7 months ago in song reviews
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here's what i listened to this month

Congratulations for making it through two months of 2022 already!It feels like it’s been at least four, but it’s ok. I always forget how short February is, until it’s here one day and ends the next. The month of love has reached an end. And this playlist does not have a lot of love songs…

1. ur just horny by GAYLE → If we’re talking about love songs then this is the ultimate ANTI-love song! You’re no strangers to my angry girl songs of the month and this one is the ultimate one. Listen at full volume.

2. she’s all i wanna be by Tate McCrae → I love Tate, this is not a surprise, and so should all of you. This song speaks to all the girls out there that want the boy to choose her.

3. Off My Face by Justin Bieber → Sorry not sorry, but I will always be a Belieber. This song is probably the only love song in this playlist from the month of love. This song explains the feeling of being “head over heels” for someone. When has Mr. Bieber ever missed?

4. Celebrity Skin by Doja Cat → I refuse to believe that this song isn’t from 1999. It’s the Y2K anthem in 2022 that we didn’t know we needed. Miss Doja is perfect.

5. too many feelings by Ruel → Heart breaking. Have you ever opened up to someone and said maybe a little too much? And then regretted it because that person didn’t care? This song explains just that.

6. AMAZING by Rex Orange County → When I found out that Rex is back and has an entire album coming soon, I was ecstatic. This song is exactly what was missing in my life this month. It’s undeniably a Rex Orange County song. Made me remember his concert that I went to right before Covid.

7. if jesus saves, she’s my type by ROLE MODEL → I love Tucker so much. I am also ecstatic for his album. I love how he finds different ways to say “I love you” in his songs. The lyrics are so creative and clever, it’s a breath of fresh air. (Emma is a lucky girl.)

8. debbie downer by LOLO & Maggie Lindemann → Yet another angry girl song. So so so good, another Y2K anthem in 2022 that we never knew we needed.

9. Go by Cat Burns → I love songs that make me feel like the singer ripped my heart out of my chest and crushed it in their bare hands. This song hurts, a lot, it’s so real and raw. These lyrics: “I should have listened to my friends. They always know best” We’ve all been there.

10. little story by Kehlani → Kehlani’s voice feels like velvet for your ears. Her lyrics are always so deep, and make you feel heard. I found this song on accident but it quickly became my favorite song of the month.

11. reckless driving by Lizzy McAlpine & Ben Kesssler → GUYS THIS SONG IS SO GOOD! It’s so creative, and I love how it feels like they’re telling a story rather than just reciting lyrics. I think we've all felt what this song describes. Lizzy and Ben’s voice sound so good together.

12. Dare To Love Me by Avril Lavigne → Guys she’s BACK! This is quite possibly the best thing that happened this month.

I hope you all enjoyed my ANTI-love songs for love month. For those of you in happy relatinoships, good for you, don't speak to me. BUT FOR MY SINGLE LADIES (and men i guess), go scream out these songs and love yourself first and foremost.

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hi :) my name is beca and im a freshman at nyu! i love writing more than anything. in my opinion writing is the best form of self expression. here i will get to share what i am passionate about, i hope you enjoy.

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