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Fall Broadway. No Bull With Raging Robert.

Some Interesting shows coming this Fall

By Robert M Massimi. ( Broadway Bob).Published 23 days ago 3 min read

This 2024 Fall Season on Broadway maybe as exciting as the Spring 2024! Probably the most anticipated actor to come to Broadway is the recent Oscar winner, Robert Downey Jr in "McNeil" at Lincoln Center starting September 5th at The Vivian Beaumont Theatre. The acoustics in this theater should show off the acting chops of Downey, who is a behemoth of a fill actor.

One of my favorite plays returns to Broadway; "Our Town", a play I saw at Town Hall back in the 80's. "Sunset Boulevard", another great show that I last saw in Los Angeles with Glenn Close will be returning to "The White Way". The Bard's "Romeo and Juliet" too will return this fall season. It will be interesting to see how it will be directed. Another great show of the same genre, "Othello" will run in the Spring of 2025 starring Denzel Washington.

Another hugh Hollywood actor will be making his debut on Broadway; George Clooney in "Good Night, and Good Luck" will have its run this fall. "Maybe Happy Ending" will play at the Belasco in mid September. This show could be a sleeper of the Fall season.

As an early treat, three shows are coming this summer. The first has started early previews already: "Breaking The Story" at the Keiser Theatre. A very successful, albeit, short run at City Center "Once Upon A Mattress" will play at the Hudson Theatre at the end of July. "Oh Mary" after a run off Broadway will begin at the Lyceum Theatre June 26th. A fourth show which I didn't include because it opens previews August 29th at the Booth and is technically a kickoff weekend for some limited theater, is "The Roommate" with the great Patty LuPone; it also includes Mia Farrow as well.

"Yellow Face" is also a show coming in September, followed by a slew of shows in October: "Wonderful World", a story about the life of Louis Armstrong, the greatest Trumpet player ever. A musical I just saw at The Morristown Performing Arts Center "The Pirates of Penzance" makes its overdue return to Broadway. This Tony winner cleaned up at the Tony's back in 1982 when it last played. "Tammy Faye" will also begin in October at the newly renovated Palace Theatre.

From the movie, "Death Becomes Her" at the Lunt Fontaine Theatre has had some early buzz in the theater community. In November "Eureka Day" is showing some promise as well. This show will play at the Friedman Theatre. "Swept Away" has not announced an opening date yet and I have not seen a theater for it. This show is being highly talked about as well as highly anticipated. A show I find interesting is "Left On Tenth". I am hoping it is similar to say "Between Riverside and Crazy" Either way, the title is intriguing to say the least.

Being treated to so many great shows this season has spoiled the theater lover for sure. The lineup for this fall looks like it may do the same. Tony judges this season do not have an enviable position. So many great shows, so few awards to be given out. With a plethora of talent, both old and new, we look forward to the new shows slated for this fall season on Broadway, as well as a few off Broadway.

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Robert M Massimi. ( Broadway Bob).

I have been writing on theater since 1982. A graduate from Manhattan College B.S. A member of Alpha Sigma Lambda, which recognizes excellence in both English and Science. I have produced 14 shows on and off Broadway. I've seen over700 shows

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