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Fake Love Lyrics Breakdown

by Blunt 5 months ago in song reviews

Let me tell you bout my lyrics

"Fake Love" is out now.!

Hey wassup family.! How y’all doing.?... Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that read my story and pre-saved my single. Hope you enjoyed it; you giving me your time and support means alot to me. You’re fam now, but like I promised; an inside look and breakdown of the lyrics to my newest single “Fake Love” out now.

Ad-libs=( ) Breakdowns=* *

I'm way too solid to be broke

*This can be taken as “I’m too strong to be broken or defeated”*

(Cha ching)

I'm rich in knowledge

You missing both

*I may not have money to blow, but I got a lot more knowledge than most and it’s more than a handful missing both*


You more like Tommy

Can't kill a ghost

*I’m a big fan of “Power” so I never pass up on an opportunity to mention it in a verse-Tommy could never kill Ghost*

(Doo doo doo doo)



They say I'm hollin

And do the most

(I do it)

I got the Power

It truly shows

(You losing)

How yo Empire refuse to grow

*If you watch “Power” you’ve at least heard of “Empire”-I’m not big on pop culture, but there was a rumor going around claiming that “Empire” was cancelled because it couldn't compete with “Power” when it moved to “Empire’s” program; that rumor inspired those lines*


1 step at a time

*I was always taught to take life 1 step at a time; you'll reach your destination soon enough*

(Let's go)

The path that I walk or the stairs that I climb

(Uh huh)

Stay in motion

Cause I'm on a grind

*My whole life has been a non-stop grind; it's a blessing and a curse*

(Get it)

No switching sides that's crossing the line

*I hate a bandwagoner-can’t respect a person that just supports whoever is winning just cause they’re winning.*


You niggas just never learn

Y'all just suck and dont give a fuck

*I feel like this line will go over soo many people's heads; I put the “you suck” and “I don’t give a fuck” quotes together to make a double entendre that can be taken as “yall suck and don’t care” or “yall suck, but don’t fuck.?” crazy*

Like this story if you think that line is underrated


For lack of a better word

I wish we never heard



I gotta serve you


My team full of astronauts

(We up)

While you flap around with a birds view

*I like playing with perspective and I honestly feel like I’m destined for sumn bigger so the sky is not the limit for me*

(Bird sound)

We ain't dappin


Fake niggas getting curved too

*We ain’t dappin up, shaking hands, giving hugs, saying wassup; we keeping the same energy it’s always been whatever that energy was*

(Lil bitch)

I'm done being cordial

Can't wait till my raps ain't affordable

*I’ve always been a real genuine supportive person, but people forcing me to act different these days; cut people off, raise my prices*

(Say less)

Till then I'll stay out the way

You don't have to like

What I gotta say

*Till then I’mma stay out of trouble and do me; simple as that*

(Turn me up)

Just know that I keep it a billion


*I did this to play on how other rappers always saying “mills” or “Ms” or sumn to the nature; just wanted to switch it up*

Blunt is always a light away

*I don’t know about yall, but for me a blunt is just a lighter away from me at all times*

(Spark it up)

Just wait till my team reach the ceiling

(Straight up)

Burn it down almost all the way

*I’ve always been fascinated or obsessed with the top or being the best; just needed another way to say it*


Best thing about being the villain

(Is what)

Is having no feelings

*To me the most attractive part of being a villain is not having to care anymore; not having to care is the hardest part of being a hero*



Let that bitch burn

(Burn bitch)

Let that bitch burn

(Burn bitch)

Winning feels so good

(So good)

I might let that bitch hurt

(Hurt bitch)

If someones gotta lose

For my second to none

*”Second to none” or “2,2,0” is something my mother made up when I was younger, it means to be “second to nothing” no person, place, or thing is more important than you*

To be first

(Dub bitch)

Hold a few Ls right now

And when I win be reimbursed

(Learn bitch)

Or get beat no fair or square

*The whole last part from “Let that” to now is the harsh reality; someone has to lose for someone to win, but helping me win will benefit us all-and will happen regardless so*

(Step 1)

I think outside the box

On a sphere

Look like I'm shitting on the earth

*This... is exactly what is says; I shit on the earth when I think, believe it or not it’s actually relaxing*

(Step 2)

You ain't in the stands before I win

Don't cheer

I'll be forgetting you first

*Anyone that knew me before success, but didn’t support me will be the first people I forget about because you had an opportunity to be apart of it instead of having to follow it*

(That's it)

No hard feelings

You can't Be Your Own Boss

Cause you burned our bridges

*Be Your Own Boss Entertainment is the name of my company; I tried to put a few people in positions to do that through me, but they burned our bridges*


Now that's what chu call some good writtens

*This is a play on “good riddens” since I pride myself on the writing side of my craft I acknowledged it here*

(Let em know)

If you wasn't here to clean up on the boards

Than you chalked

*This is me reiterating if you wasn’t here when I was taking L after L after L don’t show up when I’m start raking in Ws*

(So you chalked)

You can't park around my place or on my board

So just walk

*This is a monopoly line that came to me one day while playing 2k-it just means I don’t want you round me and mines; the world works in mysterious ways don’t it*

(Gone get gone)

I hear alotta rodda rodda

(Rodda rodda)

Round my name

But get love

*Every now and again I hear someone said this about you or they gone do this to you, but then I see em and they act like I’m that one friend they ain’t seen in years*

Y'all think being fakes a game

And I don't wanna play pick up

*Which makes me feel like y’all think being fake is a game and I’m cool on that*

Use this link to give it a listen now.

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