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Every Music Artist Should Strive To Put Out An Official Lyric Video

Here's why

By Gal MuxPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Every Music Artist Should Strive To Put Out An Official Lyric Video
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Music is a beloved Medium. Every culture from everywhere in the world has its own type of music. Every civilisation great or small has its own unique sound.

With it, the music encompasses the rhythm, the sound, the lyrics, the melody, the tone, and the feeling.

Music is mostly about feeling to me. What does a song make you feel? A good song can make you cry. A good song can make you fall in love. A good song can take you places within yourself that you have never been.

Great songs are immortal. They will be talked about, played, and sung for millions of years to come.

Songs are the soundtracks of our lives. Hearing certain songs years or decades later can take you back to where you were when you first heard them. They help us freeze time and our memories with them.

Even though many songwriters agree that the melody comes first before the lyrics, the lyrics of a song helped bring the song to life. They help provide more meaning to the song making it better understood by its listeners.

With music being consumed in video format in huge numbers, every artist should strive to put out a lyric video for their songs for a number of reasons;

The demand from fans

Other than the official music videos that artists put out, lyric videos also receive a lot of attention especially when they are done creatively.

The fans ask for lyric videos. And even in situations that they don’t, the very fact that the unofficial lyric videos available online receive millions of views is a testament to the demand for official lyric videos.

Lyric videos can precede official music videos.

To teach fans the real lyrics

I usually laugh out hysterically when I remember the things I used to sing before knowing the true words to a song.

I didn’t realise the real words to Nirvana’s Feels Like Teen Spirit until a few years ago. If I could tell you the things that I was singing!

An official lyric video helps the fans and other listeners to know the real words to a song. This helps them understand the song and its meaning better. It also helps when singing along to it.

I have seen some unofficial lyric videos that also get the words wrong. Sad that millions could have seen it and could be singing the wrong words. Artists can minimise such incidences by putting out official lyric videos.

As a music fan, you enjoy singing along to a song more when you know all the words.

To beat competition

You will find a lyric video for almost every song out there. And if you can’t find a lyric video, you will find the full lyrics from websites such as A-Z lyrics.

Lyric videos garner millions of views that potentially earn money for their creators.

To beat the competition, artists should put out lyric videos for their music themselves so that this attention is directed to them and not to others joyriding on their work and efforts.

To create anticipation

As fans wait for the official music video, a lyric video can help create anticipation for it.

To protect their music from piracy

If an artist’s music is easily and legally available, if it is accessible by consumers from all over the world in as many formats as they would wish, then that minimises the chances of it being pirated and financially benefiting others.

The creators of lyric videos have to pirate the music that plays along with their videos. Had an official lyric video been available, such incidences would be minimised.

To increase their earnings

Because lyric videos attract a lot of attention alongside official music videos, the earnings from these views could benefit the artist and their teams.

If an artist puts out a lyric video that is better and more creative than the fans or other creatives on YouTube, all or most of the attention will go to this video and all the earnings it will carry.


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