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ICT-Makavenna introduces herself, her style, genre and her reason for making music.

I am ICT-Makavenna, a young Hispanic female rapper doing experimental and inspirational music, and I host my music on SoundCloud at the moment. Interesting tidbit about me: I am part Salvadorian, part Mexican, and part German. I began really making music last summer when I was 13 years old. The first song I recorded was called "I’m Real." It was about me being real, but surrounded by so many fake people. It was about some issues I dealt with in middle school. After a year, I believe I am growing slowly with my music and my fan base. The type of music that I am working on at the moment I call experimental hip hop, inspiration rap. Of course, I make music that is fun and that I enjoy. But I am moved by so many songs and genres from so many different times in the history of music. I am inspired to make music that relates to society, that motivate my generation, and that give a point of view from a young teen Hispanic female growing up in America, including the struggles, trails and positive changes, achievements and influences.

I think it is very inspirational and uplifting for women who desire to be in the music business. I was taught to learn to be independent for all I can. I’m 14 years old at the moment. I am a freshman in high school, and I believe I have lots to learn and far to go. It is a blessing to be doing what I like to do and learning how to put my talent to use and hopefully inspire others to do the same. This is part of my first interview on YouTube.

Question: The last SoundCloud release was "Heaven? Hell? Or Another World." It’s a more of Metal beat. Explain your inspiration for that.

ICT: I went to a Dirty Wormz concert and I liked it, and thought it was really cool and wanted to try something like that, and make a metal song with rap.

And so you take us from Metal to what?

A political type rap due to all the immigration issues going on at the moment.

What’s it called?

"They Call Us Bad Cus We Brown," it will be released this Thursday. We are releasing new singles every Thursday. Make sure you shop Vida by clicking on my link for ICT merch also.

Cool. So you go from?

Experimental Rap/Hip-Hop. I go from Political Rap, Motivation Music, Inspirational Hip-Hop, to some Spanish Rap, Dance Music, a lil ol school, g-funk, and h-town Rap. Pop rap, like I said. Experimental music.

One of my favorite songs is inspired by the Law of Attraction and the special affirmations that I heard many times riding around with my dad. Here is the lyrics to the first verse

“The secret to success, the law of Attraction

For every action there is a reaction

The universe responds to you

Like a genie making ur wishes true

Believe and you shall receive

What you desire you can achieve

With an attitude of gratitude

And staying in a positive mood

Saying that I know like I know like I know

Abundance is drawn to me & money flows

into my life effortlessly and easy

Money comes to me in ever increasing amounts daily

I am master if my purpose and my goals

I know who I am and where I go

Grateful for the wealth, abundance and money vibrations

These are just a few wonderful affirmations”

This song is found in my SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/ict-makavenna/law-of-attracion

I feel blessed to have a few of my songs now qualify for pay for play on SoundCloud, and this is one of them.

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ICT Makavenna
ICT Makavenna
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