Elk Grove University

Chapter 1 Damien

Elk Grove University

I stood silently in the shadows of the opulent lobby. My hands shoved deeply in my pockets of my skinny jeans and my shoulder propped against the frame of a large window that faced my fans. I was tense, while my eyes scanned the faces of the individuals singing and dancing to the opening act.

I took a deep breath and blew it back out, trying to relax while I tell myself that this is it. I felt a hand on my back, slowly the smell of old spice crawls up my nose. Charlie my manager is still trying to relive his youth. I never told him my plans, I didnt think much of it, I didnt think it was necessary. Charlie and I have a unique friendship. He understands my decisions, well I hope he does.

"Once you have finished the tour, you should be able to start school by the second quarter" Said Charlie. I could hear the anger slowly boiling in his throat. Charlie never hid his emotions well. " I JUST CANT BELIEVE HOW UNGRATEFUL YOU ARE"

I whipped my head around to face him, his eyes; dark almond are concentrated on me. His face once pale turned red, his breathing seems to be harder with every breath he takes. " YOU ARE AT THE TOP OF YOUR CAREER AND YOU DECIDE TO DROP EVERYTHING." His voice is a high pitch squeal now " HOW DO YOU THINGK YOU THINK YOU CAN MAKE THIS TYPE OF DECISION WITH OUT ME!" -His voice is cracking at this point " I DID NOT WORK MY ASS OFF FOR YOU TO..."

" Thats enough Charlie". It amuses me how my baritone voice can crack through to him. His eyes widen as if he is seeing me for the first time. I stand to my full height of 6'3 and tower over him. I stare at him while I put my hair up in a slick pony tail. " Im thankful for your help over the years Charlie." I begin to say " But dont get things twisted". His face reddens and a scowl creeps upon his face. " The agency did not approve of your over spending, and dont forget the one thing you've done was write our contracts."

He's shaking with rage, while he stares at me, "Are you threatening me?, you little punk I.." " Shut up Charlie", I responded. "Your contracts ripped off not only the agency, but me as your artist". Silence, dead silence as Charlies' anger changes to fear and remorse. "Charlie, the amount of money you owe the agency is something I cant help you with....you're fired"

Charlie's mouth drops open. A stage hand passes by us " Damien your up in 15 minutes sir", he walks away and disappears towards the exit. I turn to follow, In the silence I can hear my shoes as they tap the floor. " Damien I can explain." I stop and I was hesitant, this man did help me with my career, becoming a singer, a music writer, working with alot of artists in my field of genre. I opened the exit and said " Charlie, I have no use for someone I cant trust".

The door slowly closed behind me.

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Shanice Goulbourne
Shanice Goulbourne
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