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by ChristopherWrites about a month ago in 70s music
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Beyond time

Eden Prime: Alpha Sector. 05413982

"Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say." the homograph paused in front of Ryley Jenkins

"You're the one going out there." Alyce Schmidt said, joining him.

"That's kind of the last thing I want to think about, but thanks."

Engineer Geoffrey Rouke entered with cup of coffee. "Hypersleep left a crook in my neck, do you mind?"

“No keep going.

"Entry is going to be somewhere in the Zeta quadrant," Flynn explained. "

"No idea what's on the dark side."

Flynn's fingers speed over the holographic keyboard. “It could be a solar storm, or aa black hole .”

Ryley chuckled. "See you on the other side of the universe."

"What are we going to do with another planet?" Schmidt asked.

"Above my paygrade." Flynn said.

"First person to set foot there gets to leave a souvenir." Ryley said with a triumphant snort., raising his hand

"Why don't one of us get to choose?” Route asked

“Cause I’m the one going.”

“I'm just saying. knowing you Ryley, it will probably be a Marvin the Martian or something."

There was a shared chuckle as Rouke gave his best impression of the Martian.

"He stole my modulator!"

"What do you suggest, Elmer fudd?”

“You might find a Space Rabbit.”

“Lauch window is coming up, I want you home in time for dinner,” Flynn said.

“Yes dad, “ Ryley said, rising to his feet. A few minutes later he appeared on the deck below, suited and cradling his helmet. Flynn watched from the control room.

“Ready for launch in T minus 3 minutes.”

“I just can't get used to these things.” Ryley said securing his helmet.


“Chaffing” Ryley claimed in the cockpit. "Your beagle has lasagna breath," Ryley muttered, as he was encased in the pod.

"What was that?" Asked Flynn. A second later, Ryley's voice came back over the intercom.

"Coms, check."

Beads of lights illuminated the interior of the pod,

"I read you Lima Charlee, Ryley. I heard that"

"What? I'm just saying." Beads of light sequentially fired as the pod awakened. With a push of a button, the docking clamps spit the pod away from the ship.

"Just like riding a bike." "Proceeding to the objective," Ryley said, weaving through an asteroid field.

“What is that?”

“Your imagination” Schmidt asked.

"I’m pretty sure thst’s not.”

“Why have you stopped.”

“There was only supposed to be one of us our here, right?”


“So why am I looking at our ship?”

“Patch it through to coms.” Route said.

The scr

"I'm going to see if anyone is home." Ryley "This is Ryley Jenkins. Do you read me? I say again.

The void around Ryley’s pod began to bubble, as static swept over the radio.

"So-- winds are acceler--. "

"Sorry Flynn, did you say something? " Ryley asked.

"What the?"

“Sensors are picking up an anomaly.”

“Called it!” Flynn said.

“It's coming from the dark side, but the gravity is too weak.” said Rouke.

"You need to move!" Flynn urged.

“I can't. Whatever it is, isn't letting go” Ryley

Said struggling with the controls. As an asteroid Sent Flynn's pod spiraling.

“Get out of there!”

"I'm not going to make it!" Flynn said. “Oxygen at 40 percent”

“Control this is Jenkins--Come”

Ryley’s voice came over the intercom sporadically.

"I've lost stabilizers!"

“Get him out of there, “ Schmidt sain to Rouke!”

“Would you like to try, “ route said, franticall pressing the controls. “It's not responding. Hang on Ryley.”

“Come in” “--read me?"

Rourke looked over from the keyboard.

"Life signs not detected. "

70s music

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