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Donna Summer ‘Bad Girls’ 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition

Relive the magical vinyl experience of Donna Summer’s Bad Girls all over again.

By Eric AllenPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
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Back in the summer of 1979, Donna Summer reached the peak of her zenith with her double album, Bad Girls. Considered her career milestone, the masterfully crafted double platter dominated radio airwaves, filled night club dance floors and livened up countless living room parties.

Summer’s steady ascent began in the mid-1970s with her first album, Lady of the Night, quickly followed by the groundbreaking “Love to Love You Baby,” which was nearly 17 minutes of pure orgasmic dance bliss. Proving this was no fluke, Summer—along with her notorious partners in crime Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellote—continued churning out aurally palatial songs such as: “Try Me, I Know We Can Make It,” “Spring Affair,” “I Love You,” and the epochal electronic dance anthem, “I Feel Love.” While these successes were already on the tips of every dance music enthusiasts’ tongues, 1978 saw Summer become a household name with her Grammy-winning smash hit “Last Dance,” followed by her number one remake of Jimmy Webb’s immortal “MacArthur Park” (along with its full album sided companion “MacArthur Park Suite”).

Yet, with all the aforementioned triumphs, no one could’ve predicted Summer would soon deliver her landmark masterpiece, Bad Girls. The first taste was devoured in early April 1979 when the scorching rock-tinged lead single “Hot Stuff” hit record shelves and quickly climbed to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 and Dance Club charts, eventually earning Summer another Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

“Hot Stuff” was followed by a string of hit singles when the four-sided epic was unleashed on April 25, 1979. Turntables, dance clubs, and radio stations were all spinning Bad Girls’ exciting tracks, which were inescapable throughout the rest of 1979 and beyond most of 1980.

Bad Girls contained 15 tracks spread across the double LP’s four sides, which consisted of two non-stop sides of dance hits including the title track, “Dim All the Lights,” “Walk Away,” and the aforementioned “Hot Stuff.” These were followed by a third side, which slowed things down with the country-flavored ballad “On My Honor,” the longing of “All Through the Night,” the haunting love ode “There Will Always Be You” as the fiery rock-tinged “My Baby Understands” concluded side three.

Just when it seemed impossible for Bad Girls to get more exciting, side four contained an explosive 1-2-3 punch of non-stop pulsating electronica. The fourth side opened with the urgent “Our Love” (complete with the first heard strains of acid during its outro), which segued into the pulsating “Lucky,” and finally reached climax with the hypnotic tale of Tinseltown in the album closer “Sunset People.” The undeniable chemistry of Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, and Pete Bellotte produced some of the most classic dance music of all time, which has influenced countless artists and continues to inspire many to this day.

While mostly remembered for its biggest hits, Bad Girls is littered with deep cuts that are just as enthralling including: “Journey to the Center of Your Heart,” "Love Will Always Find You,” "One Night in a Lifetime," and "Can't Get to Sleep at Night.” Donna Summer’s Bad Girls was a musical journey, which used every second of its 71+ minutes to mesmerize listeners with its rock-tinged disco, gorgeous balladry, Hi-NRG club bangers, and revolutionary electronica.

Now, Summer’s career-defining masterwork is being celebrated with a special 40th anniversary vinyl edition. This is the first time this best-selling classic has been reissued on vinyl since its original release in 1979. The new reissue was released on July 26th and is available as a double LP gatefold pressed on 180-gram vinyl. This collector’s edition also features the vinyl debut of the demo version of the album’s title track as an exclusive bonus, making this the perfect opportunity to relive the magical vinyl experience of Donna Summer’s Bad Girls all over again. So, dim all the lights and take a musical journey into the center of the heart of one of the most captivating classic dance albums of all time.

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