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Done Overthinking with Fringe Mellow

A calm monologue discussing the importance of fitting in and going with the flow.

By Fringe MellowPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 4 min read
Fringe Mellow - Done Overthinking (single artwork.)

Done Overthinking is a reflection of thoughts. I'm not sure exactly what was going on in my head when I wrote this one. I simply followed Henry into the studio and began writing as he started constructing an instrumental. I like making music this way because if the lyrics come together as the beat does, I think you get something that is more in sync with the mood and feel. I have written songs before to suit a developed instrumental and I think I translate its mood and vibe well however I think there is something special in writing at the same time as someone on a track. Henry was experimenting with sounds that seemed very open, free form, and fluid.

I started with an observation. "We're all running around, no time to take breath...". Sometimes life can feel like a system or a series of mechanisms. Unfortunately, in order to get by it's very necessary that we cooperate and collaborate in these existing constructs.

"Then we worry with our own self assessment." - Lyric

It's what we do with these options within a situation that often contributes to who we become. I think it's normal to contemplate who you are and how you fit in. As for the purpose of life though? Merely playing a part in many of these scenarios seems rather pointless in the grand scheme of things.

"Trained to astound but most won't notice?" - Lyric

Often, we are so lost in our own stories that we fail to recognise other people and their achievements especially when they're expressed in a creative nature. We often gather validation more so for the effort and labour we produce rather than for the unique expression each individual can bring to the table. I think it's interesting how drawn we are to the idea of having a legacy or how committed we can be to an internal narrative. I think it's normal to question... What's the purpose of all of this?

This song asks questions and is satisfied with no answers. Sometimes when we ask questions we come to our own conclusions without guidance. We called the song "Done Overthinking" because I think it's our overthinking that often ruins what we have the potential to become. Life isn't about being better or pleasing our inner critic but more so about representing some difference, exclusive to what it is only you can offer. You may never be validated or have your contributions acknowledged but you could discover that it's the subtle things that come and go that are important.

Let's look at the lyrics!

We’re all running around no time to take breath

Got to go get inline , get dressed, get accepted , processed

Then we worry with our own self assessment


What do I spend my life interested in? Will it weigh me down?

Doing my own thing . Does it make me look like a lazy clown?

Trained to astound but most won’t notice

From all my focus, from what looks like muddy ground

Comes a floating lotus , but most won't notice

And it sees the day for a moment and gets washed away

Life is water , I’m a block of clay

What do I mean to you? Is meaning what we’re after?

Am I completing a page contained in a chapter?

A story that won’t ever matter, won't ever form

Is it working right for you why I been born?

From the middle of this page, it gets torn

Thrown away, withdrawn

A lot of things I say are just to play with the nature of things

They don’t need to stick

But when people make a splash it seems everybody notices

Dry bits of themselves, bits of brick

Landing in the water where I sit

I got to build myself around them, It's like they won't ever shift.

What I make of all of this I try to make it fun

I don’t care if it's already been done

I’m done with getting ready to run

I’m not the gunk to fill in gaps

I’m the one that’s ready to catch

But I'd rather change it then throw the same thing back

I’m not better, I’m different and I'm OK with that

I'm done overthinking I wanna do what feels right

I’m not better, I’m different and I'm OK with that

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Done Overthinking Single Artwork

Our single artwork always aims to spark some sort of curiosity towards what the single might be about. Henry Glover is a professional photographer and it's through Fringe Mellow that he can present a series of artwork that compliments the music and make a statement of their own. The Done Overthinking artwork shows me looking up rather un-phased and un-sure but relatively content while balancing an incomplete RUBIX cube on my shoulder. This hints at the imperfections we have to deal with, as a "chip on the shoulder" sort of reference. I am wearing a yellow shirt to signify being in the middle of what's going on around us. Yellow being in the middle of the colour spectrum.

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Fringe Mellow

Fringe Mellow music is down to earth lyricism presented in a rhythmic spoken word delivery over house inspired beats and production. Fringe Mellow represents the experience of being human.

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