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Did Jay Elle's Dream Come True?

by mysoundMusic 3 years ago in feature
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"Never Dreamed (I Could Be the One)" is our favorite track on his EP "Ease Up"

Jay Elle is a very talented singer, guitar player, and songwriter from New York City. He is a not only a performer, but also a writer. He always focuses much of his music and songwriting on his emotions and heart. That really helps him push the boundaries and evolve—everything in a masterful and unique manner. What makes him very distinctive and powerful is the fact that he has a curiosity for life, and how it expands and evolves.

That alone offers a whole lot of new ways for him to express himself through some really nice songs written over the years. Also, Jay Elle is the type of musician that listens to all kinds of music genres. Listening to many others, in turn, makes it a lot easier for him to create good music. What you will like with Jay Elle is the fact that he takes a lot of influence from classical music as well as RnB, country, rap, pop, and even rock.

But, he only takes enough of that influence that you can still see his style and unique approach within all of this. That is great, because it is as enticing as it is rewarding, and it provides some resounding benefits while also making things fun and interesting at the same time. It’s the type of creative aspect that pushes the boundaries and evolves, while expanding in ways you would not imagine beforehand.

As noted in his interview:

"I admire anyone who writes well-crafted songs from Cole Porter to many contemporary writers you hear on the radio today, in all genre. Of course, I have my preferences, writers who combine lyrics and music in a very unique way, and happen to be amazing musicians and singers, some of which are now classics: Billy Joel, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, Sting…etc."—Jay Elle

Jay Elle is a firm believer in the idea that songs need to have a positive message and energy with them. People need to see songs as a way to expand their reach, and just express themselves. There shouldn’t be a rush of negative emotions in songs. Instead, it should be a positive approach that encourages people to do good things, and just have fun all the time. It’s as creative as it is different, and it imbues the experience with some creative and fun ideas that you do not want to miss at all.

His unique approach is to acquire wisdom, and share it with others in a thoughtful and creative manner that you can enjoy, all the same—and have fun with, without any hassle. Every one of his songs will touch your heart and melt it, quickly and easily. That’s because Jay Elle has a great way with words, and he constantly strives to come up with songs that help teach you something.

There’s a natural warmth to Jay Elle and his music that really makes this experience fun and unique at the same time.

"Thanks to all the music lovers for being out there. I am grateful when someone spends 3 to 4 minutes listening to a song of mine. Time is the most precious commodity we have. I do my best not to waste the time someone grants me by striving to be the best writer, singer, and guitar player I can be."—Jay Elle (Source: Jay Elle Biography and Interview)

Challenges will always arise, so the best thing that you can do is to explore the moment, and just push the experience to that next level—and Jay Elle seems to do that with his music. It’s different and fun, and you should totally check it out and give it a try, in a clever manner, without a problem.

You should listen to Jay Elle’s songs, as they are extraordinary, and just a wonderful way to distract yourself from the negativity around you with some positive reinforcement. His latest EP is out now, so you should listen to his work today!

Jay Elle is just one of the many talented musicians we feature at MySound Music, AND he is the first we're sharing with you, here on Vocal. With so much talent available in our world today, he won't be the last of our shares.


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