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Demi Lovato Will Have You in Love with Her Artistry with New Album 'Tell Me You Love Me'

'Tell Me You Love Me' Album Review

By Chelsea DeVriesPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

One thing I love is someone who doesn't give a flying freak about what people think of them. They embrace who they are and they are candid about that person, flaws and all. Well, the first time I ever heard Demi Lovato sing, I was 16 years old watching a Disney Channel short calledAs The Bell Rings.

I was literally blown away that her voice was that structured at such a young age. Recently, Demi released a Youtube documentary entitled Simply Complicated where she revealed she had struggled with her cocaine addiction longer than her fans were even aware of, and she also shared about still to this day struggling with her bulimia, among other things.

With that same vulnerability, Demi Lovato presents us with her sixth studio album Tell Me You Love Me which features a more soul, R&B feel to the entire album. Lovato reveals this is the music she's always wanted to make instead of putting out music she believed people wanted to hear, like some of her past albums.

Song by Song Review

An unapologetic anthem and the debut single for the new album for those who misunderstand you, hate you, or undermine you. Now they get to watch you live your come up, or your best life.

R&B soul meets brutal honesty in this title track where vocal harmonies and rhythm & blues musicality come together.

Madonna 80s pop song musicality about being madly into someone with a 2017 sexting twist.

R&B musicality and soulful emotive vocals make this track one that slays all the record books; and Demi dedicates this song to her recovery despite not actually writing it.

Technopop musicality boasting lyrics about picking the wrong guys thanks to childhood issues with her biological father, and one of my favorites off the album.

You're the man of my dreams 'cuz you know how to leave.

Sultry bass guitar and seductive vocals bring a story about being secretly in love with a friend. Horns give it an added big band sexiness.

A ballad about being so in love with someone you would wait forever for them, and Demi's vocals reach new heights on this track.

Another sultry R&B ballad about a lover who left without warning or goodbye, and you don't know how to overcome the loss; featuring a killer voice from Young Money rapper Lil Wayne.

An R&B ballad about a lover who makes you cry a lot and makes you doubt who you are as a person. Also, this track could be about a possible on-off relationship song.

A sultry "girls can do anything boys can do" anthem with a "mess with me" attitude element.

A song that is a bit sultry and risqué in lyrical content about losing your mind in the arms of that one person.

A jazz ballad about being so interested in someone you would follow them anywhere.

A Latin flavored dance track featuring Jax Jones and Stefflon Don.

Bitch, I don't need no introduction; follow my simple instruction.

An acoustic version of the unapologetic anthem.

An acoustic of her summer collab with Cheat Codes about taking the leap in love despite not being able to see the bottom.

No matter if this is your first experience with Demi Lovato's artistry or you've been a fan before she starred in Camp Rock, you'll enjoy this album for its raw and real feel, and it's 100% unapologetically Demi.

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