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DaVinciBands Unleashes "Young Bands"

DaVinciBands is back from his hiatus with a banger!

By Meikhel PhilogenePublished about a year ago 3 min read

It is said that art comes in many forms. DaVinciBands illustrates that point with his 2023 debut, "Young Bands." DaVinciBands' artist name is an homage to the great, Leonardo da Vinci, in the sense that DaVinciBands sees himself as more than just a rapper, but as a true artist. "Young Bands" has the bravado and boasting omnipresent in Rap, but also has the hopeful, motivational lyricism prevalent in Hip-Hop; thus, demonstrating DaVinciBands' versatility, and lyrical and artistic prowess.

"Young Bands" is really the story of DaVinciBands. He dives into who he was, who he is, and who he aspires to be. Although the record is his first release following his hiatus, it serves as an omen for a productive, successful year. DaVinciBands states, "I dropped one single last year following my EP because I allowed my depression and mental health to get the best of me, and I promised myself that once I start again, I’m not stopping anymore."

DaVinciBands' unique flow and unrivaled wordplay make his music standout from the crowd. DaVinciBands is truly money in "Young Bands." The catchy hook and vulnerable yet hard-hitting lyrics coupled with the upbeat, piano-laced instrumental, which was produced by Bradley Moon, gives "Young Bands" much replay value. Therefore, it seems fitting that "Young Bands" serves as the lead single for DaVinciBands' upcoming project, "DaVinciBlues," which is slated for release later this year.

About DaVinciBands

Malcolm Grant Jr., otherwise known as DaVinciBands, is a music artist that was born in Miami, Florida, but raised in Lakeland, Florida. Music started off as therapy and an outlet for his emotions, but he quickly realized that he had a true gift and started pursuing music seriously in 2020. DaVinciBands has since released two singles and an EP. His vulnerability when it comes to talking about hard times and his struggles with mental health, and his clever, unparalleled wordplay have garnered him attention from various media outlets. He makes his 2023 debut and return to prominence with his latest tune, "Young Bands," which is a single off of his upcoming project, "DaVinciBlues," that will drop later this year.

What is the origin of the name, 'DaVinciBands;' how did you come up with the artist name?

So, my nickname originally was just Bands, like money. I love money, and it was always my motivator. So, I knew Bands had to be in it. And, I always felt like I went against the grain, against the norm. Most people look at themselves as rappers. I look at myself as an artist. The same way Leonardo DaVinci wasn’t just a painter - he was an artist.

Where are you from, and where are you based now?

I’m from Florida. I claim all of Florida because I lived all around, but the main two places you hear me claim are Miami, which is where I was born, and Lakeland, where I grew up. I’m currently based in Charlotte, but I try to think of myself as based around the south; Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Alabama, and Florida.

How has your upbringing played a role in shaping who you are and defining your sound today?

My upbringing definitely plays a huge part in my music. Music is a form of expression for me, my way of therapy. I like to talk about my successes, failures, and everything in between. I’ve also always strived to be different, so my sound is very unfamiliar and unique. Also, being brought up in 2 different places, my dialect and sound is unlike anything heard from a Florida artist.







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