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Clarinet U, the official website designed for Clarinetist and music lovers.

by Clarinet U about a year ago in product review
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Marketplace, Lessons, and Music Resources.

Welcome to Clarinet U dear clarinetists and music lovers! We are happy to introduce our official clarinet website.

We believe Clarinet is the most beautiful instrument.

Clarinet is in music all over the world, its unique timber and versatility bring the most astounding music to the audiences.

Clarinet U is an online platforms that focuses on clarinet online marketplace, lessons, and resources for all clarinetists.

We welcome every musicians and instrumentalists here to learn from professional artists and mentors. To explore new clarinets and accessories, and building new connections and valuable free resources.

We aim to create a virtual educational palace(Clarinet University!) for clarinetists. Where people can learn, interact, buy/sell, and find opportunities on this website. Our team of clarinetists are dedicated to making our missions happen with passions. Introducing a new educational and market space for musicians. is the best website for clarinetists and music lovers to search for new clarinet gear, online lessons, and ultimate music resources for all levels of musicians.


With 20+ (and growing) clarinet and accessories manufacturers, workshops, retailers, and designers listed on our online clarinet market. Here, you can find clarinet and gears that you've never seen before! With the only goal of making your music better with more defined artistic taste and personal figure. From mouthpiece to bell, from reeds to case. We've created a market for you so you'll never need to look anywhere else! If you have professional clarinet that want us to list, feel free to contact us with the instrument's detail.


We are currently preparing the Lesson section for clarinetists, which will feature more than 10 mentors and professional clarinetists from all over the world! Whether you are a beginner or career musician, you can learn something here by listening to the essence of what the mentors have to say, techniques, and their life experiences. We have mentors coming from many countries, and offering different genres of music as well! Such as Classical, Jazz, Middle Eastern/Oriental, Pop, Electronic, and beginning clarinet techniques!

Coming to your way in the near future!


Most valuable music resources have been listed in this section. Our team has worked hard to collect and research for these resources, and we believe they will benefit all musicians in their musical journey. Now we are offering to you for FREE!

However, it is a member-only section, so signup today and access it now!

Our current music resources include,

- History of Clarinet

- Music Store and Repair shops

Around the world

- Clarinet Music Playlist

- Clarinet Competitions/ Grants/Festivals

- Fingering Chart

- Music Theory Chart

- Mouthpiece Brands Comparison Chart

- Reed Brands Comparison Chart

- Clarinet Repertoire

- Clarinet Icons

- Clarinet Brands

- Ultra-HD Clarinet Image

- Complete Stretch Guide for Clarinetist

- All Clarinet Systems in History

- Breathing Exercises

- Finger Exercises / Clarinet Etudes

- Jazz Clarinet transcription

- How to play clarinet for beginner

- Orchestra Excerpts

- Advance studies and research

We sincerely hope you'll going to enjoy Clarinet U, for its abundant music resources and knowledge! We update our website frequently with newly added clarinet products, weekly clarinet articles, famous clarinet artist features, and our upcoming music masterclasses and lessons! We have so much to offer for you, whether your a pro clarinetist or a music lover who wants to learn more about this beautiful instrument!

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Signing up on our website today as a member or email subscription, and you will receive a complimentary coupon code towards your first purchase on our marketplace! Also to activate our most valuable music resources!

product review

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Clarinet U

We believe Clarinet is the most beautiful instrument.

Clarinet U is an online platforms that focuses on clarinet online marketplace, lessons, and resources for all clarinetists.

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