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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Movie Review

By Zuvin MaharzanPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

The Winter Soldier, which lasted more than two hours, could easily carve out its verbose battle scenes, chaotic filming extravaganzas, all-consuming fireballs, and the loud bangs of breaking glass that begin to repeat from big movies. occurs with exaggerated violence, both caricature and brutally repulsive. The first two-thirds of The Winter Soldier is more like a Cold War spy thriller than a superhero movie. The film ends with anticipated battles filled with special effects and action-packed activities, but these scenes are more consistent than the corresponding episodes in similar films. The film begins with a mission in which a captain leads the SHIELD Squad aboard a pirate ship.

In the film, Captain America, Black Widow (Johnson) and Falcon (Maki) join forces to uncover the conspiracy within S.H.I.E.L.D. The focus of this film is S.H.I.E.L.D., which is similar to the first film featuring the US military after Rogers worked for an institution in the MCU cross-border film "The Avengers" (2012). Play Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America, with Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony McKay, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily Wankamp, ​​Hayley Atwell, Robert Redford, and Samuel Jackson. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a solid World War II action thriller with a touch of dampness. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has one foot in superhero territory and the other foot in Washington, DC, about Cold War espionage.

So in this introductory paragraph, it seems to be a cliché, there is no need to emphasize it, but Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best personal movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, although this sounds cliche, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is indeed the best Marvel solo movie to date. "The Winter Soldier" is not a laborious political science essay; it satisfies all the expectations of Marvel movies.

The Winter Soldier, a creature infinitely superior to the ridiculous Red Skull, competes with a common henchman (in the form of Frank Grillo as Crossbones, who is supposedly skilled enough to fight superpowers without possessing them) and an unpredictable evil of mind at the heart of a sad plot to conquer the world. There's also a brief return from Arnim Zola (Toby Jones), the villain from the first film.

The pirates took over a huge warship, Heat, and Terrorism, filled with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades in the middle of a busy street, giving the film a chance to combine current events and contemporary fears—and the recent criticism of the National Security Agency. Commentary and far-reaching sponsorship oversight.

Action and violence are the most down-to-earth we have seen in Marvel movies. Captain America's steampunk laser quirks and endless numb montages seem boring and isolated. Just like the movie they starred in, the action in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is (to a large extent) different from any other Marvel movie. Although the action sequence is carefully crafted, it unfolds indiscriminately.

By the way, "The Winter Soldier" is the third of four recent Marvel films to take its final set into American airspace, and has a ton of brilliant CGI streaking through explosions of orange blossom. It's not that the film lacks the obligatory Marvel fistfights, car chases, flipping buses, giant military gear, and a thrilling elevator battle - Steve versus a dozen thugs in a confined space - or that a good captain fails. his only weapon, is an extra combat shield (puck, ram, boomerang, whatever).

In the first film, the prick turned a weak Steve Rogers into a stern Captain America; Likewise, this sequel gives the wrestling comics a burst of urgency. This sequel takes Marvel out of the corner where it drew itself in the previous superhero series, all the way up to the Avengers Assemble, which details the composition of the Shield. In Captain America, this meant Rogers clashed with a gang of power-obsessed super-Nazis known as Hydra.

Captain America is created by the First Avenger, and the Winter Soldier tests him. Yes, the Winter Soldier (the formidable Sebastian Stan) is a character in this movie, and while I'll skip the details, he has a special meaning for Captain America. When he was last seen in his film in 2011, Captain America, also known as US Army officer Steve Rogers, had just dispatched the evil Nazi offshoot Hydra and was frozen in ice. The Winter Soldier finds Rogers - now completely thawed from cryogenic storage during World War II - running through the mall; Two years after the near destruction of New York (the culmination of Lollapaloose's The Avengers), it is still trying to catch up with events of the late 20th century such as Thai music and grunge food.

Steve is 95 years old, about the same age as the Winter Soldier, but Fury may be only a few years old in both; he was a captain of the US Army during World War II before Formula Infinity was retained. When Evans finally hangs up the shield, I think we will remember that the Winter Soldier is not only his personal best work but also the highlight of a movie about 21st-century superheroes. But with Infinity War getting closer, we are likely to face the end of Chris Evans as Captain America. I think the Winter Soldier will always be one of the most powerful versions of MCU.

It’s a shame that the distortion of Hydra is what I (I assume most people) remember the most in this movie because I think what makes the Winter Soldier the best Marvel sequel is that it challenges it in a new way Your protagonist. The arc of the first movie. In this story, we saw a funny superhero comic that is so addictive and addictive because it is about something, in this case, it is the Captain America movie of our time.The first movie is a good tribute to the old World War II flag, perhaps the best display, in this case, the Winter Soldier is for WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden of the United States, an era when secrets are properly revealed. he is not here. When I write this review now, the National Security Agency may be everywhere. Inspired by popular topics such as drone warfare, National Security Agency espionage, and WikiLeaks-style secret sharing, writers Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeeley’s scripts are clever, but never instructive, set the Winter Soldier In a world where both sides exist. Members of political factions have done many things to endanger basic human freedom in the name of defending themselves. Previous Marvel movies have similarities with their villains and storylines in the real world, but the Winter Soldier raises essential questions about our identity as Americans and the nature of modern government roles. In terms of politics, you’ll find that this movie is written by Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely (three Narnia movies plus the first Captain America and the second Thor), and written by Joe and Anthony La Directed by Suo (the director of "Welcome to Collingwood"). movie. And you, me, and Dupree, and delayed development and community plots)

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