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Cannons: the songs for the summer

The soft sounds of Cannons, is it perfect for the summer?

By Samantha ParrishPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

Every summer there are songs that define the season. the season for new songs on the billboard.

What songs are you gonna play at the beach?

What new songs are your friends going to show you?

That is how I found Cannons.

I was Robin to the Batman to a dear friend of mine. On the road to our vacation and on the way back from our vacation, they introduced me to Cannons from their current jams on the Spotify playlist.

A Summer reaches its final sequester the last month, this is a band that you need to add to your summer playlist and this is why.

The band has a vibe for anything that you are feeling.

the song specifically doesn’t have to be summer related but it can easily tie in to the vibe. It’s not really how this song can be a summer vibe, but what can you take away from this song that makes it a Summer Songs for that person.

When we find an artist they become a part of that moment, of that season, cannons became a part of my summer now

The idea comes to mind for cannons because of Bad Dreams.

When my friend played that song, the 80s ambience immediately hooked onto me. The theme of the song about a woman needing help to break free of her past relationship. A lot of relationships really do feel like a conscious nightmare. The last relationship that I was in, the lyrics resonated with me.

That was the song that got me hooked on the band. I wanted more of that vibe, not the same song but knowing that Cannons would deliver a song for the soul.

On the drive back from the vacation, my friend was looking for a good summer song. They hit the shuffle button until the perfect song came on, and that’s how we came back to Cannons with Purple Song on the speakers.

Purple Sun played at the right time the evening was beginning. We were about an hour away from getting home. That soft song played while we had conversations about our friends and the future.

Fire For You was the song that first came on the Spotify playlist for the vacation road trip. Looking back on the moment that music played on my friends speakers, I had no idea that I was listening to the most popular song from that band. When I came back to Virginia I heard that song on the grocery store speakers and it took me right back to that car trip on the hot July day.

I do enjoy having a loud summer song to blast on the speakers, this was a nice addition of an ambience change to have a soft summer song than a loud summer song.

Bad dreams felt like closure, Fire For You felt like realization, Purple Sun felt like, Hurricane felt like power.

Cannons will have a perfect placement on that road trip playing a part of the summertime mentors. This band was a part of personal conversations that my friend and I had on the way to our vacation and on the way back.

Cannons is perfect for summer nights because of the easy ambience that the singer brings with her soft voice.

The many stories of the songs in Cannons, it does feel like many stories you hear about the summer. Stories about the end of an era, something new,or having lifelong memories.

The thing about choosing a song for the summer, You choose how you want it to be a part of your summer.


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