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Bob Helfant is a singer, songwriter, and a guitar player who takes inspiration from the resounding names of the music industry that incude: Bob Dylan, The Beatles, John Prine, BB King, The Band, Kris Kristofferson, Randy Newman, and Don Commanda.

He is a product of growing up in the 60s and playing in bands and bars throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s. A magnificent musician that has mastered Americana. His music is a true harmonious mixture of the plethora of the musical ethos of the American industry. Sounds that merged from folk, country, blues, jazz, rock and roll—are all represented equally and delightfully in his music.

He possesses the immense talent of composing a contemporary melody that is intricately infused with the echoes of the past. An unusual but a much welcomed style.

A music that does not touch the heart but touches the soul, Bob Helfant is a legend to be prized!

The Early Years

Like many unsigned musicians who grow up to become seasoned artists, Bob started learning music at an early age. He used all his resources to dedicate his early childhood to learning what he loved, thus growing in a fabulous artist today.

He played in night clubs to survive every day when he was young and worked through his early adulthood, yet never gave up on his passion for love. Bob Helfant was not just great at playing instruments but owned, what some called, a Godly voice. His vocals were heart touching while songs connected with the soul.

This man wrote whatever came into his mind and soon, these sentences and phrases started making sense, turning into brilliant music compositions. To become the known face today, Bob worked with an odd mix of artists, namely Paul Shaffer, John Belushi, Melaine, Peter Tork etc, every one of whom taught him something different.

Bob groomed himself into becoming an incredible songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and pianist that he is today!

The Birth of the Band

Bob gathered his friends and formed a band, which to this date has been playing brilliantly. He and the band have successfully recorded over a hundred songs and releases 2 CDs to be proud of.

Better Late Than Never • 2018 / Moorpark and Whitsett • 2012

Album Notes

Some of these songs have been around since the 1970s. Others were written as recently as this year. I have been waiting sometimes patiently, sometimes less so, for the opportunity to record them. When I finally got down to it, it was my pleasure to work with such great artists on this collection of songs. Jason, Lance, Kristen, Doug, Harry, Tom, Rich, Doug L. and the Five Veterans from New Directions, Inc.

Although, his work is still on the path of gaining recognition over the world, those who have been following him know what charisma his music holds within.

Over the recent years, Bob along with his son and band has started their own recording studio where these talented folks record themselves and sell all over the world. Bob Helfant is a guy who loves Americana music, and to date wishes it to gain the recognition and love it deserves.

His melodies are soulful and strong, connecting with the audience every time. It may have taken him a few many years to create a name for himself, but Bob’s work is amazing; his work is unique in every sense of it. He is a born artist, with the talent to beautifully write down his thoughts and express his emotions through music.

Bob Helfant is a legend, a true musician who carried the name of Americana music this far. A rare living, breathing gem of music history .

His music pays respect to all the varieties that he has curated over the decades. A striking immersive honor to the music that graced generation upon generations.

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