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By Something ComplicatedPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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Known for bringing some of the hottest music and surfing talent to Newquay, Cornwall, UK, Boardmasters hosts an exciting surf competition with headline music acts almost every year since 1981. There is usually 5 full days of live music, food, drink, surfing and plenty of fun to keep you moving throughout the week.

A festival workshop is usually held at the Treehouse in Newquay, where people can make fabric flowers and crowns. This eco-friendly, family-friendly event is all about the hustle and bustle of the beach, snacking on pastries from the bakery and dancing through the night. A mini festival is usually planned for the weekend after boardmasters, so if you miss the main event at least you have a chance to go to the after party.

Unlike some other festivals, the Boardmasters festival has always made the extra effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible, maintaining its identity and attitude as a surfer. You will usually see many street cleaners and they can issue fines to anyone littering.

Newquay music festival, Boardmasters, is all about surfing talent and world-renowned music acts. It is planned in sessions over 5 days, each day has its owns sessions and this festival has everything you need for a great week away with friends and family, it is one of the best music festivals in the UK.

There is something for everyone at Boardmasters, you can sit back and enjoy the best sunsets you can imagine, you can enjoy some body boarding in the sea or even ride the waves with professional surfers, or just have yourself a local pastry.

You can get day tickets for Boardmasters, day tickets are great for locals or holiday makers that have made alternative accommodation arrangements, these day tickets do not allow access to the festival campground and do not allow you to leave the festival area and to enter again.

Those who have a full access ticket for the Boardmasters festival can enter and leave the site at their leisure, most festival goers that are staying multiple days, explore the surrounding towns, tasting local Cornish delicacies and visiting local pubs.

Surfing is one of the few things to do in Newquay, and the Boardmasters festival highlights the sport in a positive light, there is also a surf village where you can find surf and skat brands at the shops and stalls. When visiting Newquay, you are guaranteed to be entertained with food, drinks and live music. There is also a VIP where the professional athletes and musicians refresh themselves.

The main event of Boardmasters is on Fistral Beach, there is surfing, BMX and skating, there is also a beach bar where you can listen to live music all day long. You will find a variety of food and drinks. The surf competition draws crowds to the beach all week long, many of them to the beach bar.

The first Boardmasters was held in 1981 and has been a regular feature of Newquay ever since, and a regular event at Fistral Beach. Cornwall remains firmly anchored on the UK music map as it grows every year. The Boardmasters Festival is sometimes known in the UK as the Cornwall Festival, it brings a relaxed festival vibe and will reveal your inner surfer. The festival continues its innovation and tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible with its surfing identity and attitude, as well as the hiring of staff to keep the areas clean and green.

Cornwall is not exactly known for its exotic temperatures, but it is exactly the summer party to go to in a tank top and sunglasses, the Boardmasters festival does feel more like a holiday than a festival, and is a great opportunity to combine the best of both worlds - sun and sea, surfing and music and a good mix of everything else.


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