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For all those who don't know, BLACKPINK just released their debut album. For years since their debut, this has been a long time coming. It's crazy to think about; the group is internationally known and favorited behind BTS to breakout into America. The crazy part is, before this album, they had only 13 songs out. Any controversies with the group will be saved for a different time. Without a doubt, that is what took this album this long to come.

I'm new to the Kpop world. Since being introduced, I've been searching for why BLACKPINK is set to take over the world. I think with this album, I've found my answer.

How You like That

The group's official comeback song of 2020, the video has about 570 million views. This song introduced me to the group and one of the first from a girl group. I thought all girl groups sounded like this. In this song, the energy given off is what I would expect from the lyrics. These women are rising and proclaiming their independence. "Look at you now, look at me." I'm looking, and I know I'm honestly not worthy.

Ice Cream Ft. Selena Gomez

The video concept and vibe of this song is the opposite of How You Like That. Already the album shifts from a dark, powerful vibe to innocent and playful. The song is catchy, and the lyrics are dirty if you look into the meaning. The only complaint I have with the song is there are no changes in the music. There is no exposition or key changes. The song can play for 30 mins, and I'd still think it was the first playthrough. Nonetheless, that doesn't stop me from turning it up to max volume when the song comes on.

Pretty Savage

This is favorite song on The Album. This song has the perfect balance of bass, piano, and attitude. If the bass isn't enough to make me feel like I'm going through an earthquake, I don't want to listen.

With the last couple of comebacks, fans waited for Jennie to rap on a the track again. Her raps are back, and the energy each member feeds perfectly off the other. From verse to the chorus, the power matches How You like That.

Bet You Wanna ft Cardi B

This was an unexpected collaboration I never thought I needed. The best thing about 3 of 4 members speaking English fluently is songs like this. The song keeps a Kpop vibe with hints of American influences. Cardi B kept her verse surprisingly clean, which considering her usual, I'm sure was challenging.

Lovesick Girls

With the launch of the album, this is their latest single. The song's music video is excellent, but this is probably my least favorite song on the album. The chorus is average, and the beat is typical of many songs in the house genre. In my opinion, Rose and Jisoo are the best parts of this song.

Crazy Over You

Apart from Pretty Savage, the bass on this song is incredible. This song made me question if Selena Gomez did another feature on the album. When Rose sings, "I went crazy over you," I brought up the credits to make sure. The song keeps a low tempo, which works perfectly with lyrics. I imagine a cheetah stalking their prey like the girls are eyeing that person they like. They're ready for an all-out war to confess their infatuation with the person they're in love with.

Love to Hate Me

The pre-chorus of this song reminds me of 7 Rings by Ariana Grande. It is primarily bass until the chorus comes in. Given all the hate BLACKPINK gets, this song is a direct reflection of it all. Like 7 Rings, it shows that they don't care about the negative comments or hate they get for who they are. Given they aren't the typical Kpop girl group, I have no choice but to stan and bop to the music.

You Never Know

This song's vibe is nearly the opposite of Love to Hate me and is perfect to end the album. In Love to Hate me, it seems like they don't care what the haters say, but ultimately they admit that those comments get to them, which shows the group's emotions. "Cause everybody sees what they what they wanna see. It's easier to judge me than to believe." Those lines stick out most of the whole. It reminds us that even though they are idols and, in the spotlight, they have insecurities and moments of doubt.

Overall, The Album is solid. I couldn't imagine anything better for the group, and it fits the style of the members perfectly. Each track throughout the work, each member had their moment to shine, and they were able to display their full vocal abilities.

Besides, "You Never Know," I did feel like each of the songs was too short, most average under three minutes long. Comparative to all other groups, I appreciate the group's uniqueness, which is evident in their voices.

I'll continue to look forward to future collaborations and their continued success all over.

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