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Bizzy Bone gives shout out to AC Killer and CNO says all the talent he needs

Bizzy Bone talking about CNO

By The Sinister PenPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Bizzy Bone giving AC KIller and CNO a shout out

Bizzy Bone recently said he just he has AC Killer and the CNO Souljahs and that was all the talent he needs. He recently said this on live stream he did on his hit TV show JamTV. But what does this mean for the future? He also mentions members of Bloodline Harmony right before he says AC Killer and CNO. You can watch the full video on Jam TV here

Well I think this means that Bizzy Bone fully backs and supports CNO. When you say something like this in front of thousands of people on a live stream it usually means it’s a big deal. I mean this could mean that big things are coming in near future right?

Could this mean that the CNO take over is near? And with Bizzy’s blessing is could happen. I mean there is word that big things are cooking at CNO headquarters. And if Bizzy Bone is publicly shouting out CNO I think this could mean big things are coming. Even though we do not know what these things are exactly. One can guess what is to come.

Bizzy Bone has been down with CNO for a long time over 10 years to be exact. And now that Bizzy Bone is more powerful and successful than ever he told the world that AC Killer and the CNO Souljahs are the only talent he needs.

But could this mean that CNO will become perhaps as strong as Mo Thug was in 1996? How big are things really going to get? I suppose we will have to just wait and see but it seems Bizzy Bone is setting the stage with his lately live streams telling the world what is to come

In another live stream Bizzy Bone talked about how he working with 7 sign again and how new records are coming. He also talked about how he is working with and producing new records for Bloodline Harmony. With that being said it could be possible that he will be working directly with and producing records for the CNO Souljahs? I think this is something that is really possible and could be the start of something big.

Lately Bizzy Bone has really be speaking a lot on his live TV show and he has really been letting the people know what is to come. Maybe later he will tell us exactly what is coming from him and CNO. Or we might just see it on JamTV. One can only guess at this point. But I have a feeling a lot of great things are coming.

Could this finally be AC Killer’s big break to make it big in music? Will he bring the CNO to rise to the top of the rap game with Bizzy’s help? These are things that are yet to be seen. But it really does seem that things are heading in this direction. I think that people will start know that pretty soon. How soon one can only guess. But I have a feeling that it could be this year.

Also we know that Bizzy Bone has a great new solo album coming this year as well. He said this will be his best ever. But will it be better than Heaven’s Movie? If it is then he will for sure take over the rap game and show the world why Bone Thugs N Harmony is the best of all time once and for all. And now that Bizzy is back on top again will he take 7 sign, CNO, and Bloodline Harmony to the top of the game as well. Only time can really tell. But it seems things are moving in that direction. It would be great if this is what manifests in the end. It would make 2021 one of the best years of musical history.


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