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Because of this ambition

Because of this ambition

By REBECCA WILLIAMSPublished about a year ago 3 min read

A little ant, on his first trip to look for food, was lucky enough to find a large piece of biscuit crumbs. It is happy bad, want to give this cookie slag to the mother - queen ant. It around the cookie residue turned a few circles, found that the cookie residue is very big, relying on its own strength simply can not go back, but it does not want to find partners to help, it wants to give mother alone, listen to her praise. Because of this ambition, it climbed close to the cookie crumbs, with both hands to try, the cookie crumbs did not move, it wrinkled eyebrows to think, how to take the cookie crumbs back there? Just by chance, a praying mantis small ants passing by, small ants quickly ran to its side and asked: "Uncle praying mantis, can you please help?" "Huh? The mantis was startled by the sudden appearance of the ant. See is a small ant after said: "Need I help you do what?" Little ant said: "I picked up a cookie crumbs, I want to ship back to my mother! But I can't lift it. Can you help me?" "Crumbs? Can you eat it?" You might as well eat some grass! It's so sweet and sweet, and I don't have to carry it back so hard." The little ant shook his head and said, "But I don't want to eat grass." The mantis shrugged and walked away. Little ant looked at this cookie crumbs sigh, how to do? Just a butterfly flying far away, the little ant looked up his head, called: "Aunt butterfly, you wait, I want to ask you to help?" Butterfly flew to the ant's side, strange asked: "Little ant, you ask me to help you do what?" The little ant pointed to the cookie crumbs and said: "Aunt butterfly, I picked up a cookie crumbs, I want to ship back to my mother! But I can't lift it. Can you help me?" Butterfly around the cookie crumbs turned a circle said: "The child is not I said you, this cookie crumbs can eat? Yellow and dirty, I advise you to eat the nectar from flowers, it is clean and delicious." The little ant shook his head and said: "No! I don't like nectar. I just want to carry this crumb home." The butterfly was very unhappy with the little ant's stubbornness, and it flew away at once. When the little ant saw the butterfly fly away, it cried sadly. Then a swallow flew over and asked it: "Little ant why do you cry?" Little ant looked up to swallow said: "Swallow sister, I want to send this cookie slag home to mother, but I can't lift." Swallow smiled and said: "Why don't you go to inform your partner to help you?" Small ant stammering said: "I... I..." The swallow continued: 'You don't want the credit to be taken by your friends, do you? But I helped you this time. Who's gonna help you next time? Ants are a group, in finding food, has been helping each other, you should not have selfish, out of the group." The little ant listened and blushed, it felt that the swallow sister was right, it should go to the partners to help. So it stopped crying, rose up and said to the swallow: "Swallow sister thank you, I'm going to find partners to help." Say it quickly ran back to the ant nest, called a lot of partners, soon put the cookie crumbs moved back home, the queen ant saw very happy, straight kua small ant is a sensible boy. The little ant got praise, blush especially happy.

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