Bands Definitely Worth Checking Out

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Bands Definitely Worth Checking Out
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If you are out running around at the store looking for some music to check out then I have a few bands for you to look into. These bands are worth the time to listen to. I have personally heard them all and liked what I have heard. First up on the list is a band called Widetrack. These guys have some of their music on YouTube, where you can get a little taste of the music that they play. Some of the music runs with a very calming sound while other songs are on the rock side. The vocals in this group are perfect, with a catch to grasp the audience. When you are listening to the music check lyrics, too.

Second on this list is a band called September Sky. The gentlemen in this band really have the vocals to reach out to any listener. When listening to the music, there is something that really just reels the listener in. For anyone who likes any kind of rock music, I would definitely suggest checking this band out. The lyrics will beckon the audience to listen further. It is perfect for the headbangers out there to have something to not only feel the words of the music but to rock out to. If you are looking for a little taste of the music to see what you are getting into they do have some music on YouTube.

The next band is Flint Eastwood, coming out with a nice beat in the music to move around to. This is a perfect group for the dancers out there who at any point of the day or night just need something to match that perfect mood to jump around to. Loved the vocals in the songs and thought that she did a great job laying them out. The lyrics match perfectly with each song.

SHAED is the next band to pop into mind, with a great beat to move around to. The song "Name On It" is the song that really got my attention. The beat in this song is a perfect mix-up for even those just getting off of work to get down to.

The next band named Lebanon Hanover with songs that really stand out. This group gives a different beat to the sound that sets them aside from the other bands. Loved the creative flow to the music and lyrics.

For a more relaxed vibe, I would recommend the band The Head and the Heart. For a rainy night just relaxing on the porch listening to music with friends, this is the music I would recommend. The vocals in the group have that nice calming feel to them.

The band Dead Can Dance has great music to check out. Their music flows wonderfully with the vocals and instruments. These guys have always been on my list of music because I love the feel of the music. They always do an awesome job of reaching out to their audience with the music that they play.

Two more bands to add in with the list as the last bands mentioned in this article are Viva Voce and Silversun Pickups. Both of these bands have a great number of songs that they have done a great job with. All of the bands listed above are perfect picks for different occasions. Some of the bands are actually perfect picks for many occasions. This all depends on the listener listening to the song. Have a great time with all the bands because they have all done a perfect job with the music that they have provided for the listeners.

Shelly Bartley
Shelly Bartley
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