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Astrology & Angst

by Bella Leon about a month ago in list

My angst manifested into oldies' songs; let's align some to your Zodiac Sign!

Astrology & Angst
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This year, my friend introduced me to the elusive world of Astrology. Since the pandemic began, I really tried to learned new and interesting things with all of my spare time. At first, I tried crocheting. Then, I began a book club. While I was quarantining, I began writing music and picking up new instruments. But while I could've been reading up on other topics this year, Zodiac signs deeply intrigued me. Or rather, the people who vehemently embraced the idea of Astrology. I had always believed it was a farce. I mean, it's difficult to surrender the basis for everything we believe that makes-up individual personalities, i.e., psychology and genetics. But I couldn't help but suspend worldly expectations and trade-in my negative thoughts about Astrology for an interest in it. People who love and embrace their Zodiac signs are intriguing. If it isn't about pure belief, I think they just want to be understood and understand the world in their own way. But everyone is like that in their own way. We search for reason and meaning with art, work, family, or religion. Astrology is some people's avenue to understanding the world around them. For me, I indulged in music.

In fact, Astrology is as universal as music. It isn't a stretch to believe that personality traits of one sign might also like and jam out to the same music. At least for me, I have found solidarity in other Aries' musical taste. I love the oldies. That's Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, The Beatles, and even into the '80s (I apologize to those of you judging me for categorizing '80s music as "old." I'm just far too young and ignorant). I'm even embarrassingly into composed music like Beethoven, Bach, and Schubert. I will admit my taste is eclectic. I enjoy contemporary songs, indie, R&B, and rap. But older songs were the only music I had access to as a kid. My attachment to loving something so "different" (Okay, it's not that unique and uncommon to listen to music from another generation) aligns with some Aries' traits. For one, they're always going against the grain and confident about it. I love songs from other decades, and I will jam out to Doris Day if I want to. In a way, being an Aries has deeply influenced my life because music has deeply influenced my decisions, moods, and dark moments.

As a young girl, I embraced music from other decades, movies in black-and-white, and activities from which other kids' seemed to share no interest (ha! sorta like an Aries!). But among the many activities I enjoyed, music accompanied me through it all. Like an imaginary best friend, music manifested into comfort, joy, pensiveness, and even helped me forge some good memories. And because I love to jam out to songs of "old," I'm tasking myself with assigning all the Zodiac signs to some of my favorite oldies' tunes. The songs that eased me through the rough days, happy days, and all the others in between.


Aries (getty images)

While Aries enjoy going against the grain, they're also the extroverted, courageous, and the zealous type as well. This may translate into Aries enjoying songs about fighting the power, sticking it to the man, or anything to let them blow off some steam. Really, anything engaging will do it for an Aries. For someone so passionate, only a rock song could suffice, especially something enthralling and involving some form of vocal challenge.

The song that held onto my teenage angst and gave me some serious confidence:

"I Put a Spell on You" sung by Creedence Clearwater Revival

While the lyrics are somewhat relatable to Aries' traits, the song allows for one to jam out and utilize their energy. Plus, Aries are naturally competitive and seek out challenges. They may or may not want to out-sing everyone in the room with this difficult to sing rendered rock song.


Taurus (getty images)

With Taurus Sun signs, they're an unwavering bunch. Whether they're crafting relationships, blossoming into their career, or being a parent, Taurus' will not alter their beliefs and dependable personalities. They're unwavering in other ways as well; stubbornness and indulgence is a common occurance. They're the type of people to love too hard, eat too much, and dedicate their life to their loved ones. In that respect, R&B or soul compliments Taurus' patient, persistent, and sometimes materialistic ways.

The song that fueled my passion and accompanied my writing, reading, and broken-hearted moments:

"I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)" sung by Otis Redding

Though the lyrics are somewhat accurate to how dedicated a Taurus can be, this song is also slow moving and indulgent. When Taurus' are comfortable, they like it to stay that way. Otis Redding's incredible and smooth voice would be the dream of a Taurus who just wants sit around and lounge. But also, this song is simple enough for Taurus' naturally uncomplicated personality. With that being said, they also enjoy the dark-side to this song: it's indulgent nature in love.


Gemini (getty images)

I can only imagine people with their Sun in Gemini are either staying up far too late alone, listening to something irresistible to them, or they're the person everyone wants to hangout with and talk to at a party. They're intelligent, talkative, manipulative, popular, and highly creative. With that being said, Gemini's are complicated. They're emotional, but their dual nature communicates disinterest and insensitivity. At first, I wanted to choose something that emanated loneliness. But Gemini's only enjoy their alone time when they feel they need it because they're the life of the party, the easiest to talk to, and always has something interesting to say. With that being said, Gemini's might indulge in a bitter-sweet rock song.

The song that accompanies my favorite memories with my sister's and I, where we danced to the catchy tune wildly and without fear of the world:

"I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick

It's not about the lyrics and the song's overall meaning. Though I do think a Gemini would get a kick out of someone feeling this sentiment towards them. But Gemini's, being deep, interesting, and creative, would appreciate the playful but solemn song. It's as complicated as the emotions gyrating through a Gemini's psyche. Also, it's only fair to assume that they'd also be that one person at the party singing this song playfully and looking good while doing it.


Cancer (getty images)

Cancer sun signs are known for their emotionality, unabashed intimacy, and their knack for nurturing relationships (romantic or otherwise). With their highly emotional personality, R&B and soul seemed to fit with this group. For one, R&B is ardent, sensual, and sometimes sentimental. This encompasses the idea of someone with their Sun in Cancer. That is why there is only one song that could breathe life into a Cancer.

The song that lived in my subconscious as an anthem of self-worth:

"Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" by Aretha Franklin

The song is emotional and pensive, aspects that Cancer signs might find themselves indulging in while alone in their room being creative. In addition, Cancer signs are able to make the right decisions for themselves, and they're wise and loyal enough to help those close to them. This song's lyrics are not only about humanizing women who make mistakes, but it's also about being emotionally vulnerable. And if that isn't enough for you, this song is highly sensual, just like Cancer sun signs.


Leo (getty images)

While many associate Leo's with their ego, they're also highly supportive, warm, jealous, ambitious, and vain. Their confidence is the envy of all. With that being said, it only seems natural to select a song so confident, nostalgic, and challenging.

The song that comforted me so much as a teenager, but more importantly, my father introduced me to it:

"Oh! Darling" by The Beatles

The song is indicative of a certain possessiveness. While Leo's are incredibly jealous individuals, they're also confident. This song embodies confidence. Leo's might be jamming out to this classic song with their own spin on it; of course, it'd have to be "better" or as impressive as the original song. It also happens to be a difficult song to play and sing. It might stir some inspiration for someone so determined to accomplish mastering it.


Virgo (getty images)

They're elegant and classy. But also, critical, detached, and critical. Most people won't get them down, especially when they're determined to see something through or see themselves succeed. Their appreciation for detail might be better shown in a song so complicated and brilliantly written.

The song that I'd sing after performing horribly at a practice or game:

"I'm Still Standing" by Elton John

While this song alludes to self-confident, it also embraces determination and some form of detached emotional sense. Virgo's would find time to jam out to this song under the most stressful situations. It would happily distract them from moments of stress, while also allowing them to relinquish stress, their overthinking, and critical thinking. But mostly, you'd find a Virgo singing this after a bad break-up.


Libra (getty images)

People with their Sun in Libra are relatively wise and analytical. But somehow, they're also laid-back, passive-aggressive, and lazy. They're most likely the person who'd find some escapism through music. With that being said, soft-rock and soul might pair well with a Libra on a lazy day.

The song that fueled my escapism mentality, especially while I struggled to get through work and college classes:

"Drift Away" by Dobie Gray

The song alludes to drifting off into something beautiful like music or love. Libra signs are searching for comfort and a harmonious life. What better song would suit their comfort? It's soulful, saccharine, and completely endearing. With that being said, you might find a Libra loving this song purely because someone suggested it. Let's be real, they're far too accomidating and overly agreeable.


Scorpio (getty images)

While brave, loyal, and authentic, Scorpios can also be possessive, secretive, obsessive, and moody. They're great for those who love to be around intense and passionate individuals. In love, they're unabashed and fearless. It only seems right that they'd be the individuals listening to something by Solomon Burke, famously known for being deep and passionate.

Dirty dancing brought me this song, and Dirty Dancing has comforted me when I was futilely searching for meaning in life:

"Cry to Me" by Solomon Burke

Scorpios have high expectations, as expected from their persistent personality and intense nature. This song not only embraces passion, but it also is tinted in possessiveness. It's the song a Scorpio might sing alone in their room, dance to with close friends, and sing along side with their partner. It's intense, sensual, and encompasses ideas of truth, which Scorpios are so desperately searching for in their relationships, friendships, and work.


Sagittarius (getty images)

There are so many great songs to assign to people with thier Sun in Sagittarius. They're smart, honest, dreamers, rebellious, and a bit devious. They might be caught indulging in songs that are unconventional or songs intelligent enough to inspire change or a movement. They're open and fearless, while also overtly cynical. With that being said, Sagittarius sun signs would find joy in rebellious songs that go against the grain but also embrace deep pensiveness.

My "rebel without a cause" song:

"Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones

This song famously embraces rebellion and going against the grain. This is not just because of its composition either. It was an intensely intelligent song at the time too. While Sagittarius' might find comfort in its intelligence and composition, I think they'd just really enjoy an intense, honest, and forthright song such as this.


Capricorn (getty images)

Capricorns are known for their practicality, cynicism, and emotionless behavior. But they're also individuals who are always looking for the value in everything. They're pensive and completely unmoved by the rules of the world. With that being said, cynicism leads them down emotionless, arrogant, and calculated roads. They might be caught cry-singing this song in the car, lamenting on the woes of life but also equally annoyed that they care.

The song that fuled my cynical outlook on life as a college student, but also fueled my deep appreciation for people who are nothing like me:

"Helplessly Hoping" by Crosby, Stills, & Nash

It's primary a love song, which seems antithetical to Capricorn's sophisticated and cynical outlook on life. But the song also embraces ideas of sadness that tints the world in grey. Capricorns would apprciate its slow-moving, longing ambiance. With that being said, Capricorns might find a way to make this song more interesting and market it to the masses. They'd be the ones to make it trendy again for sure.


Aquarius (getty images)

They're misunderstood and highly opinionated. With a deep dislike for rules and a love for humanitarianism, they'd be the first person in line to buy tickets at a Woodstock conert. They'd also be unabashed fans of intelligent and rule-breaking artists such as Bob Dylan. I can imagine that people with their Sun in Aquarius would indulge in this song while working on their next eccentric project that just might inspire the world.

The artist and song that contributed to my desire to be a great poet:

"I'm Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" by Bob Dylan

One of the most poetic songs committed to paper, this song would definitely accompany Aquarius' in their day to day life. They're humanitarians who are thoughtful of the world around them. In addition, they're incredibly but latently emotional. Their demeanor might indicate that of an enigma, but they'd be the first person to help their friends through the rough times. I think this music is crafted to be helpful, whether socially or emotionally. And while Aquarius' can be a bit extreme and impersonal, they're also the person who'd comfort and help those around them.


Pisces (getty images)

Pisces are emotional and spiritual. They're supportive and easy-going. But on the other side of the spectrum, they're also known for being absent-minded and overtly sensitive. With that being said, Pisces might enjoy all the great love songs that aid in their absent-mindedness and sensitivity. And they'd live for songs that might speak to their easy-going spirit.

The song that spoke to my sentimental side from which I often avoided but eventually embraced:

"Cheek to Cheek" sung by Elle Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

While the song is completely saccharine and sentimental, it is also accepting and slightly spiritual. It speaks to the softer side of humanity. I find that people with their Sun in Pisces might enjoy something that would speak to their overtly sentimental side but also their kind-hearted and supportive side. You might find a Pisces begging their partner to dance with them to this song. Like some cheesy romantic comedy, a Pisces can easily drive out stress from their partner and force them to surrend their emotions to the wind. And this is the song that would accompany them when they achieve that.

We all want to be understood. We all want to understand the world around us to better achieve our goals or simply because life is too messy. Sometimes, people iron out their thoughts through different avenues of life. I hope I'm not the only one searching for meaning with music, art, and maybe Astrology. I hope we can all find our strengths and value in life simply through the act of trying to figure it all out. That's what it's all about, right?

Simply, trying.


As always, thank you for reading. Any and all tips are deeply appreciated :)

Bella Leon
Bella Leon
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