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April’s Anthems—The Best of Last Month’s Music

The songs that shone in a month filled with great releases.

By Nathan SartainPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

In many ways, April was the first month that felt inspired when it comes to music in 2019. Until now, the year has felt like it’s had patches of brilliance, but nothing to truly write home about. However, after the fourth month on the calendar, it feels like we’re truly underway when it comes to fantastic releases.

But what truly stood out? Here are April’s best tracks for you to sink your teeth into.

A tremendous return to form for the Northern-Irish indie band, “Satellite” managed to raise all expectations for upcoming fourth album False Alarm. Complete with layers upon layers of off-kilter synth-pop, this departure from the stylings of old suits the threesome perfectly. Whether it’s the charming chorus that exclaims we’re “in it together”—something more than fitting given the uncertain times we live in—or the intrinsically complex instrumentation throughout, there’s more than enough for any music lover to sink their teeth into here.

It’s been a long time coming when it comes to getting new music from supergroup The Damned Things. But, after nine long years, they’re back, and as the cliché goes, better than ever. With their latest album hitting the shelves at the same time Avengers: Endgame hit the cinema screen, what could be more fitting than to recommend euphoric anthem “Invincible.” With a tantalisingly perfect chorus and more vibrant guitar riffs than you could ever dream of, this track is a true example that when given the space to just go all-out, The Damned Things will always deliver.

Speaking of a long time coming, Tom DeLonge and co. have finally returned to the world of Angels & Airwaves, with the new-wave inspired “Rebel Girl.” A song that is just as ethereal as his previous AVA work, the ear worm of a chorus and synth-driven instrumentals help drive the track’s quality and ensure everything stays well structured. Lyrically it may be a bit on the weaker side, but as an appetiser to the currently untitled new album, it’s more than enough to generate worthy excitement.

The type of track that feels like a journey, “Sunset” is everything you could possibly want in a song and then some. The subtle and simple instrumentation helps allow for the unparalleled vocals of Crush to shine through unobstructed, and the broad, refined soundscape gives the track its colour. It’s a true work of art, and feels like the offering of an artist truly ready to show the world everything he can do.

A bold choice given it’s a live cover, but thanks to its release on Spotify, it qualifies. Even if it didn’t find its way onto the streaming platform, I’d have found a way to manoeuvre it onto the list, though, as this powerful, jaw-dropping performance is one of the truest examples of the raw talent that K-Pop group WINNER’s leader Kang Seungyoon possesses.

Vocally, it’s flawless. Whether it’s the tight control over every note, or the powerful and climactic finish, everything feels refined to the last millisecond, and it emphasises the skillset of an artist that is soon to hit the apex of his career. This cover still manages to retain the emotion of the original, and thanks to a respondent crowd hanging off of Seungyoon’s every word, it qualifies as musical perfection.

Released right at the end of the month, laid-back single “TMI” is a lyrically fresh track that describes one’s thanking of someone who has been listening to their ramblings, even if it’s too much information. Sonically it’s very much relaxed, and vocally it’s smooth and refined, in turn making for a well-fleshed out track.

One minor critique is that the repetition of “TMI TMI TMI” in the chorus can get more than grating, but thanks to the 10-second skip button, it’s an annoyance easily remedied.

That’s a wrap. In a month filled with great tracks, these are the six that stood out. And, with May already off to a great start, it looks like 2019 is shaping up to be another brilliant year for music.

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