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All Genres Allowed - J.O Rocks on Amazon Prime, iTunes & YouTube

Sexy rapper shines in documentary, album, and music video.

By Winners OnlyPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
J.O brings a brash and daring attitude with her latest releases.

What a time for J.O. The wild and outspoken artist has a documentary on Amazon Prime, a new album on all streaming platforms, and a music video on YouTube. She's been performing since 2007 but this is the most productive time of her career.

While she's done a decade plus in the business, she isn't even 30 yet. Over the course of her career, she's made several stops along the way to build a family, grow individually, and deal with drama, butdespite all that has happened she remains as bad as she ever was on the mic.

Authentic, gritty, and raw street talk is what you get from her Amazon documentary, Get Some to her album, The Coldest Winter.On the documentary she's asked, "You really talk about sex and you're not afraid to use certain words that most people would say, 'Okay, that's going overboard.' Why do you take that approach and that delivery as opposed to being more subtle?"

J.O responded, "Well, I'm outspoken for one, sex sells for two and shit, I can say whatever I want. Whatever comes to my mind, I'm not scared to say anything and it is what it is. You get some or you don't," she said.

"You doing it, so why can't you say it? What's the point of hiding it? If you wanna fuck, get fucked. You fuck somebody else [man], you fuck somebody else [man]. If that's what you're into, why not talk about it? I mean, I'm real. I'm not with the fake stuff everybody got going on. Yeah, I'm a little ratchet sometimes, shit I can be a whole bunch of things, but sex sells. Sex is what it is. Sex gets a lot of things done too. "

Click here to go to Coldest Winter Ever

iTunes page.

J.O's album "The Coldest Winter" is to be applauded for boldness and authenticity. I was talking to someone the other day about how recording artists take a chance when they use their voices in nontraditional cadences and aren't afraid to play with their vocal tones on records.

Artists like Ol' Dirty Bastard, Sugarfoot of the Ohio Players, and Alanis Morrisette used their voices in ways that were unique and could have been received as too strange, but their belief in themselves as artists and ability to capture the imagination of audiences tore down any doubt that these artists were great. In this tradition, J.O raps, screams, and rambles the way she chooses to rap, scream, and ramble. You're gonna listen to her music on her terms. Not on the terms of whatever or whoever is hot.

If you're expecting to hear an album that sounds like the typical R&B or hip-hop hits that you hear on radio, you will be in for a surprise. She will satisfy your appetite with the typical hood drama and debauchery but the method in which it's delivered varies from song to song.

Coldest Winter Ever is a frigid, gritty, rugged album that fits perfectly in the genre of gangsta rap.

Staying consistent with the movie and album, the music video is aggressive and rugged, but dangerously sexy. J.O is the girl that you can't take home to your mom but she'll make you think, "Damn, Mom. I'll take this walk on the wild side."

"On the Floor" turns into a gangsta party and it's far from Hollywood. It has the Midwest grit that the Ohio native possesses. Like its album that the single came from, "On the Floor" is cold and dangerous but tempting at the same time.

This is the first edition of All Genres Allowed that focused on one artist. All we can say to that is at times you just have to expect the unexpected. J.O represents the unexpected because prior to 2018 she'd only released one album and music video over a 10-year period. In less than a year, she's done that and more.

J.O can be found on Instagram @still_butterscotch_mochalatae and on Twitter @JOSoTalented.


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